How to add a Video Link to your Website

Adding a video link to your website is very closely related to adding a link to a different webpage. The major difference is you will reference a link to the video on the server and not another webpage. We will start using the same <a href> tag you would use for a link to another page. 

<a href=”________”>Click Here to Watch the Video</a>

This is the basic link structure to link to a video you are storing on your account. You will need to fill in between the “___” with the correct path to the file. If you have a folder in your public_html called “media” and a video you want to link to called “my-video.wmv” then your code would look like this:

<a href=”media/my-video.wmv”>Click Here to Watch the Video</a>

Now, any visitor that clicks on your link will automatically open the video from within their web browser. This does require that your visitor have a video player that supports the file type of the video installed on their computer. 

Please check the next article on Embedding a Video Directly into the Webpage. For more information on this course please visit Adding Videos to a Website.

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