How to configure Cyberduck

Cyberduck is a free ftp client for the Mac. The following article will assist you with configuring Cyberduck.

If you have not already, download Cyberduck from the following URL:

  1. Open Cyberduck
  2. Click, “Open Connection” in the top left
  3. Configure you FTP settings
Choose FTP (File Transfer Protocol) from the top drop-down menu with your actual domain name)
Username:userna5(replace userna5 with your cPanel username)
Password:********(enter your cPanel password here)

Click, “More Options” and set the, “Connect Mode” to “passive

0 thoughts on “How to configure Cyberduck

  1. Ok, found InMotion 421 info, below.  May still be a glitch.  I checked FTP sessions and they are at zero.  “Try again” in cyberduck still yields 421.  The variable seems to be “path.”  

    I will look and see what might go there and experiment.  

  2. Vry nice, almost worked.  In May 2016 in iMac+Yosemite Cyberduck says Connection Failed  FTP response 421 received.  

    So when convenient, and if you know, add to this page what to do in response to 421 error.  

    Thanks for the great user DIY info. 


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