QuickTagger Tool

While popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can bring a large amount of traffic to your websites, it can be difficult to monitor. Unfortunately, there are only a few tools that can be used to measure your traffic from social media with the same level of accuracy as you would get from monitoring organic search traffic. In an effort to prevent spam, many social networking sites have started obscuring outbound links with redirects, dropping referral URLs, and disallowing tracking cookies in embedded links.

Fortunately, Google allows users to modify URLs with labels that correspond to where they were originally posted. To take advantage of this feature, we are providing a tool that will allow users to quickly categorize and subsequently track the effectiveness of their various social media campaigns. Additionally, you can use the shortened version of the link to track the number of impressions and further demographics of social media accounts you reach if you have a Tweetburner account, as well as provide shortened URLs in character-limited formats.

Try it now! Then drag our bookmarklet to your toolbar to use later on any page of your sites you visit.

InMotion QuickTagger

For further support or questions regarding our tool, please go to our blog where there is also an instructional video.