How to Reset Multiple Admin Passwords

If you’ve been running a WordPress site for any significant amount of time, you’ve likely been told how important it is to reset admin passwords regularly. You may have already taken on this challenge and keep it up regularly. However, as your user list grows (if it is growing), you have more and more passwords to update at each reset interval. So, in this article, we’re going to show you how you can update multiple admin passwords at one time.

This is article is part of our ongoing series on WordPress Security.

It can be incredibly difficult keeping track of all your admin users. In order to help us accomplish our goal of updating multiple passwords, we’re going to enlist the aid of a plugin called MASS Users Password Reset.

Password Reset Policy

Does your organization have a password reset policy? For example, a policy to reset passwords after a certain amount of time has passed must be essential to your security strategy. This can be as simple as a repeating todo on a calendar or an elaborate server admin procedure that’s mostly automated. Whatever procedure you have in place, or however complicated, the important thing is just to have one. And we’re hoping this guide will help make it easier to reset all those passwords at once when the time comes around again.

MASS Users Password Reset Plugin

In order to proceed you’ll just need to make sure you’ve installed the MASS Users Password Reset Plugin.

Follow along with the steps below to reset passwords for all of your admin users in one shot:

  1. Click Users
  2. Select Mass Users Password Reset
  3. Select the user (if applicable) from the dropdown
  4. Click Reset Password

At this point, an email will be sent out to each affected user in order to prompt them to update their password.

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