What you need to know about your email when transferring your website

When you transfer your website to InMotion Hosting, you will need to make sure that any email clients you may use such as MS Office Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Mac Mail are configured correctly. Also, you’ll need to understand the basics of propagation so you know where your email will be going.

Making Sure You Don’t Miss any Emails

In Step 4 of the Website Transfer Checklist, you will be pointing your domain’s Nameservers. One important thing to understand is that for 4-24 hours after that step, your email may not work as expected in your email client due to DNS propagation. Some email may still be sent to your previous host while other email is delivered to your account here.

You have two options to make sure you get all of your emails:

  • Set up an email forwarder to a third party email address (e.g. gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.). Be sure to remove the forwarder once DNS has propagated.
  • Use webmail at both the previous host and on your new account here to check emails.

Email Client Settings

Once DNS has propagated, follow the steps below to check your current email client settings so you can begin checking your email at InMotion Hosting.

  1. Viewing your email client’s current settings.The steps needed for viewing your email client’s settings vary per email client. Please check your specific email client’s documentation to find out how to see the settings.
  2. Adjust email account settings if needed
    Incoming and Outgoing Mail Servers mail.example.com
    User name Full email address
    Password New password set when you created the email account
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