Making DNS Nameserver Changes at

Domains purchased through GoDaddy are fully supported on InMotion Hosting servers. To get a GoDaddy domain working with us, the nameservers have to point the domain to our DNS server while making sure to add it to your cPanel if it isn’t your primary domain. It’s a quick process so let’s get started!

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Changing the Nameservers at GoDaddy

  1. Log into GoDaddy accountLog into your GoDaddy Account
  2. Manage GoDaddy domainSelect the domain you want and click Manage
  3. Additional settingsUnder Additional Settings click Manage DNS
  4. Scroll down to the Nameservers section and click Change
  5. Switch the dropdown from Default to Custom and under Nameservers fill in the InMotion Hosting Nameserver information: and
  6. Click Save

Congratulations, now you know how to update your Nameservers with GoDaddy to point to InMotion Hosting!

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Thoughts on “Making DNS Nameserver Changes at

  • Nice… Godaddy is the most stupid company out there.. I love inmotionhosting… So inmotion should think about adding not .com but domain for countries because thats the only reason why Im still stuck with godaddy which I hate

    • Happy to hear that you’re having a positive experience with us, Chris! It’s mostly an issue of legality, as we don’t have any offices or employees in the relevant countries that would allow us to sell those other domains, but if it ever becomes feasible we’d like to add them to what we offer!

  • GoDaddy requires that you enter a different IP for each of your nameservers. I only have one IP… This information is outdated.

  • I made my site for academic purpose two years before n got the things done through Godaddy, but I m not able to see n update my content .
    Please advise what to do n where to report for ??? Please help me to recover it, so that I may renew n use the same. Thanks

    • Hello Suman – you will need to speak with GoDaddy technical support in order to get to your content. We are InMotion Hosting – a different hosting company. Apologies for the issues. You’re welcome to host your site with us and we would be happy to help you.

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