Deleting an Addon Domain

In this article, you will learn how to remove add-on domains and how to correct possible conflicts due to established subdomains.

Removing an Addon Domain

When you are removing add-on domains it important to remember that the cPanel automatically creates the folder where the website files are saved. If the folder is also a subdomain to the primary domain, then you may need to remove the subdomain before you can delete the addon domain.

  1. Login to the cPanel
  2. Check to see if your addon domain is also identified as a subdomain. Go to Domains, then click on the Subdomains icon. If you see your add-on domain folder listed, then remove it.
  3. Click on the Addon Domains icon and find the addon domain that you wish to remove.
  4. Go to the Actions column and then click on Remove in order to remove the domain. Confirm the action and it’s complete.

Add-on domain error: Domain already configured

On rare occasions, some domains will appear to be removed from add-on domains section, but the DNS settings remain. This will cause an error to appear if you try to re-add the domain that you think had already been deleted. If the domain was, then error message would look like this: is already configured

If you see this error, please contact live technical support by phone/email/chat. Verify your account (with either the last 4 digits of the credit card or the Account Management Panel (AMP) password. Then explain that you have deleted the domain, but you’re still having problems with it -give the error. They can remove the DNS entries for you if you do not have root access to the account.

This completes the tutorial for removing Addon domains through the cPanel. Remember that removing a domain in the Domains section of the cPanel does not delete a domain name. To cancel a domain, go to Cancelling a domain registration for further information.

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10 thoughts on “Deleting an Addon Domain

  1. Removed sub domain but that sub domain name listed in all domains list. Does not show the remove option(Manage Dns this option only showed).how can i delete sub domain name in all domain list.

  2. If I am moving a domain onto a new cPanel with a new host, at what point should I remove the domain from the existing cPanel. I’ve always done it about a week later to allow for full replication, but I’ve just bene told you should do it straight away because leaving the domain on the old cPanel hinders replication.

    1. I recommend leaving the domain in the cPanel for at least 24 hours after updating your nameservers to the new location. This allows time for the changes to propagate globally and direct traffic to the new server.

      Once the DNS has propagated to the new server there is no way for the old cPanel to affect anything.

      Thank you,

  3. I tried to remove one of my domain names, it was not showing the option to remove an addon domain name on that page which I reached from the cpanel, and after doing a search for the domain name it returned the page where the button to remove is, however, after clicking remove I got this message: Unable to remove domain because subdomains ( of exist.

    One of your colleagues a Mr. Kenneth was with me but I guess he was busy and gave me the link to this page, how to remove the domain name totally including this cdn, I deleted the files of the domain from the public folder.

    1. Before the addon domain can be deleted you must remove any subdomains that exist. Once all the subdomains are removed you will be able to delete the add-on domain.

  4. I wanted to register another domain, and start a new blog.  My plan allows me one main site and an add on.  I have another site set up but I don’t want to use it anymore.  my main site is, and my add on site is  

    do i just delete the add-on domain?  if i want to create a site for it in future, would this mean that I have to re-register the name?  


    thanks Nancy

    1. Nancy, if your plan only allows two websites total you would need to remove one of the current domains. If you wanted to re-create it later, you would need to again remove a domain, and then re-add it. Alternatively, you could also upgrade, if you would prefer to do that.

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