Emacs Education Channel

What does it mean to say that something is “extensible”? What is extensibility? It basically means the ability to be extended beyond original capacity. The extensible Emacs editor is much more than a text editor. It can be used for publishing documents, updating your website, connecting to and managing various servers, and even to balance your bank accounts and investment portfolios. It does almost anything, or, at least, it can be extended to help with virtually any task or job.

Emacs, More Than a Text Editor

When it comes to managing your server, website, or email, Emacs can be a single source tool for all of the above. Emacs can be used as a terminal emulator. It can be used as a file manager for editing, moving, and copying local and remote files in one window. It can be used to send and receive email. It can be used to post a local document to your WordPress site as a post or page. For digital minimalists who prefer to use one tool instead of many, Emacs is worth checking out.