Renewing your Domain with InMotion Hosting

Any domain name that is managed with your InMotion Hosting account is set to renew automatically. Automatic domain renewal is set up to help ensure the domain name renews without first expiring. This includes any domain you have purchased or have transferred the management rights for to InMotion Hosting.

Why Automatic Renewals Fail 

At times the automatic renewal process for a domain name may fail. There are a few reasons this may occur. Domain names that InMotion Hosting is not managing cannot be renewed until they are transferred. For more information on transferring a domain name to InMotion Hosting please read our article. Also automatic renewal may fail due to inaccurate credit card information on file. Typically, this happens when you change credit cards and do not update your information in AMP. To learn how to update your credit card information in AMP, please read the article Changing your Credit Card in AMP.

Disabling Automatic Renewals of a Domain

You can delete the bill item in AMP, and this will stop automatic renewals from occuring. However this is only to be used if you no longer wish to own the domain. Removing the bill item will set the domain to expire on it’s current renewal date. If you wish to keep the domain, and just renew the domain manually, there is no current way available within AMP

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