Configuring Shipping Methods in eShop

Note that the Premium Web Builder is not currently available in cPanel. Check out Alternatives to Premium Web Builder to find a newer tool for creating websites.

Within eShop, you can setup mulitple shipping options for your customers to be added to the final order total. Each shipping option that you add is a flat rate and cannot be set up as adjustable. If you don’t add any shipping methods, it will not be displayed at the time in which your customer checks out.

To mange your shipping options, you’ll need to:

  1. Log into your Premium Builder and go to “page 4 – Edit
  2. Click your eShop within the “Site map“, and then click the “Shipping Methods” tab.


How can I add a shipping option?

To configure shipping options:

1. Click “Add New Shipping Method


2. On the “Main Properties” tab, enter in a shipping method and then enter cost.  In this example we use Priority Mail with a flat rate of $10.95.  Note that with Premium Web Builder, you must put in a flat shipping rate.


3. Click the “Description” tab and then type in a description for this shipping method.


4.  Click “OK” to save this shipping method.  Now you will see your new shipping method listed:


How can I remove a shipping option?

To remove a shipping option:

  1. Place a check in the check box to the left of the shipping option you would like to remove.
  2. Click “Remove Selected


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