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You can use your Gmail account to send and receive your domain email address by setting up your domains email address as a POP3 and SMTP account at Gmail. This article will explain how to set up Gmail to use your domain email address.

Note! If you previously had a forwarder to your Gmail, you will need to remove that after your Gmail is set up.

Also! We recommend using the SSL settings. The SSL email setup is more secure as it encrypts the data while in transit.

Configuring POP3 and SMTP at Gmail

  1. Log into your Gmail account.
  2. Settings POP3 SMTP GmailGo to the Gear at the top right and select Settings.
  3. Accounts POP3 SMTP GmailClick the Accounts tab.
  4. Add POP3 SMTP GmailNext to "Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)," click Add a POP3 mail account you own.
  5. Click Next POP3 SMTP GmailEnter your domain's email address and click Next Step.
  6. Gmail POP client setupEnter your POP3 information for your domains email address in the form.

    Click Add Account.

  7. Email addedYou will see a message stating Your mail account has been added. You can set the email to send as well.

    Note! If you do not want to send through Gmail, click the No radio button. You don't need to follow the next steps.

    If you want to send through Gmail, select Yes and Click Next Step.

  8. Enter your name POP3 SMTP GmailEnter your Name.

    Click Next Step.

  9. Gmail Settings Account POPOn the Send mail through your SMTP server page, fill in your SMTP Server, Username (full email address), and Email Password. Then, click Add Account.

  10. Gmail POP Verification codeNow, Gmail will email a verification code to the address you just added. Check your domains email for a message Gmail sent you. Click the link in the email, or Enter the code into the text box and click Verify.

    Final view POP3 SMTP GmailNow you will see your Domains email address in the Send Email As and the Check mail from other accounts section.

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n/a Points
2014-10-07 3:47 pm

Starting at Step 9 this process doesn't match what I'm seeing in Gmail.

16,204 Points
2015-02-03 2:00 pm
Hello Nathan,

Thank you for letting us know that Gmail has changed their interface. I reviewed and updated the steps to reflect the changes.

We welcome any further suggestions you may have.

Thank you,
n/a Points
2014-11-04 5:26 am

Hi there,

The steps to 'send via gmail' are either out of date or incorrect..... I can follow it to a point, but then it comes to a page with 'Send mail through your SMTP server'...... it then asks for SMTP Server, Username, Password.... and then has the options for a port, and Secured connection using TLS, or using SSL..... and then when I type the same password and click 'add account', I receive the following message:


      "Authentication failed. Please check your username/password. (Server response: DNS Error: Address resolution of failed: Domain name not found code(0) ]



11,156 Points
2014-11-04 9:59 am
Based on your error, it could be due to an incorrect server listed. If you are hosted with us, your mail server would be something like whereas you appear to be entering
n/a Points
2014-11-04 3:58 pm

I'm not in the UK

27,163 Points
2014-11-04 4:12 pm
Hello Nathan,

Jeff was only giving examples based on the information Ben provided in the previous question. The SMTP server may take the format of either "" or "". The "" would replace the ".com" if that was the email server it needs to attach to.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
n/a Points
2014-11-05 5:27 am

Thanks Jeff, that did the trick.

For some reason Gmail was auto-populating that field with "smtp" and I was of course just leaving it that way because I presumed Gmail knew the default settings...!

All sorted now, thanks.


n/a Points
2014-11-13 2:40 pm

JeffMa - Thank you so much!!!!! was spending hours on this trying to work it out and this answered it my question - thank you!!!

'Based on your error, it could be due to an incorrect server listed. If you are hosted with us, your mail server would be something like whereas you appear to be entering'

n/a Points
2014-11-26 8:43 pm

After completing Step 8, I get the following "error"

You must send through SMTP servers when you send as However, this functionality is not available for your account. Please contact your domain administrator for more information

It seems like Gmail wants to just use and doesn't give me the option to change to the SMTP.


24,760 Points
2014-11-26 10:18 pm
Hello Mike,

Thanks for the question and sorry for the problems with the setup. Generally, if this interface is giving an error, it's a result of some setting errors. I tested it with my own gmail account. You can see it here:

Apologies for no audio, but it's a quick video to show you the settings I used. If you need to find your own email settings, please see How to find my email settings. Make sure you're using the right user and email server settings and the option should work. Note that I was able to change the server settings AND the user settings.

If you continue to have problems, please let us know.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.
n/a Points
2014-11-27 12:13 am


Thanks for your reply. Soon after I posted I realized that the "domain administrator" I should contact might be the one for my Google mail account.

To be more clear, my "Gmail" account is a Google Apps for Education email account. I'm guessing the administrator has not allowed that feature for some reason. (It only shows "Accounts" and not "Accounts and Import" like yours.) I also checked my personal Gmail account and it shows what you indicated and what the steps describe above. I might just end up using that account.

Thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


n/a Points
2015-02-05 6:51 pm

What your gmail adminstrator needs to do is the following:

1. Go into your Administrator panel

2. Select "Apps"

3. Select "Google Apps"

4. Select "Gmail"

5. Select "Advanced"

6. Turn on "Allow per-user outbound gateways"

7. Save your changes

It may take up to an hour for the change to take effect

n/a Points
2014-12-13 8:24 pm

I am trying to set up forwarding with my gmail account.  However when I put in my domain name i keep getting the error: 

There was a problem connecting to

I'm pretty sure everything i'm putting in is acurate according to these instructions.  What should I do?

27,163 Points
2014-12-15 9:59 am
Hello Lisbeth,

It appears your main domain is pointing to an amazon store. Your record is pointing to the main domain, which would go to the Amazon server. If you are wanting to use your email here with us, the record would need to be changed as well as the MX record.

The MX record will need to be changed to point to (replacing with your domain name). You can do that by following our instructions on modifying MX records.

Then, we want to change the way is pointing so that it points to our servers. To do that you will first need to know the IP address of your account on our servers.

Once you know that, you will need to make a change to your record using the Advanced DNS Editor. Simply 'edit' the record and change the Type from CNAME to A. Then the field under it will change from 'cname' to 'address'. In that field, enter the IP address and then click 'Edit the Record'.

This may take a bit of time as the information needs to broadcast out to all the DNS servers around the world, so it can take from 4-24 hours to propagate. After that, however, you should be able to set up your gmail to use your without issue.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
n/a Points
2014-12-16 5:51 pm

Hi Scott,


Thank you for responding to my question.  We followed your directions but there still seems to be trouble with our email.  We are not recieving email and when we send email it says "temporary local problem". 

Can you check our domain and see if it is properly configured.  Please advise on how we can fix this ASAP-- we are in a bit of a bind with this and need email functioning immediately!


Thank you,Lisbeth

11,156 Points
2014-12-16 7:01 pm
Are you attempting to send mail via Gmail as this article states, or are you using another mail client?
n/a Points
2014-12-16 7:08 pm

Hi Scott,


We were testing the send function via the inmotion webmail.   

Ultimately we'd like to send email via gmail, but we haven't been able to configure that yet. 


Can you check our configuration to see if we followed Scott's directions correctly?

Thank you so much!Lisbeth

11,156 Points
2014-12-16 7:18 pm
The MX records look fine. Within the MX Entry page, be you may need to manually set the mail exchanger to local.
n/a Points
2014-12-16 7:56 pm

Hi Jeff,

Thanks so much for your response. 

As you suggested, we manually set the mail exchanger to local.  That seemed to fix it!

All the best,



n/a Points
2014-12-16 1:38 pm

I'm getting my settings from here: and Gmail keeps kicking it back - see error below.  I'm positive I'm putting in the correct password, after multiple attempts.  Where am I going wrong?


11,156 Points
2014-12-16 6:54 pm
Your settings here look fine, so make sure your password is correct as this is the only possible reasoning that I am seeing that would prevent the connection. You can confirm the correct password by entering it into webmail.
n/a Points
2015-03-05 2:42 am

Hi getting an error o outlook as 

User has configured 1 mail id on 4 different PC  & configuration in IMAP

1. Imap Problem as"reach a connection threshold and receive the error message, 'Too many simultaneous connections.'"

2.if he delete a mail it completely gets deleted it doesn't go to trash box.

16,204 Points
2015-03-05 11:14 am
Hello Xhitija,

Thank you for your question.

1. Most likely one of the 4 PC's are reconnecting without closing the previous connection, causing multiple connections at the same time. Are you getting the 'Too many simultaneous connections' error on all 4 PC's, or just some?

2. To view/access your folders such as Sent, and Trash, make sure you are subscribed to your Inbox in Outlook.

If your problems persist, it may be easier to contact Live Support at the time you see the error. This allows them to review the server logs in realtime.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Thank you,
n/a Points
2015-03-09 9:30 pm

I am trying to import my work account with gmail because my work account is switching from it's own server to gmail. I was following the steps they gave me and the steps you posted above and I keep getting the same error even when I follow your solutions. Any ideas?

Authentication failed. Please check your username/password.[Server response: DNS Error: Address resolution of failed: Domain name not found code(0) ]
16,204 Points
2015-03-10 9:45 am
Hello Samantha,

Thank you for your question. Typically, an "Authentication failed" error means your username, or password is incorrect. In which case, I recommend checking your settings for typos, or misspellings. Usually, your username will be your full email address.

But, when I look at your mail server (, it does not point to a server yet, such as Gmail. This may still be propagating due to the DNS change, or may not be setup correctly.

Thank you,
n/a Points
2015-03-13 10:05 am
No Way Possible! This article has saved my life
n/a Points
2015-04-01 3:32 am

Dear Jeff,

              I am getting an error as, even if I use correct password.

Server denied POP3 access for the given username and password.


24,760 Points
2015-04-02 2:22 am
Hello Shailendra,

Sorry to hear you're having problems accessing the account. If you're getting that error, then you should first RESET the password for that account. You may think it's correct, but it may have been changed. If you have problems with accessing the account, you should contact support as providing login credentials through this public forum is not secure.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.
n/a Points
2015-04-07 12:13 am

Please excuse me if I'm not using the exact correct terms. I had previously set up gmail using another host site and recently switched hosting. I just learned my email can send but cannot receive incoming mail. I figured out it was through the host site so I created the email there (same I cannot add another POP3 account you own since it is the same name, however I sent a test email and it didn't go to the gmail account or the main account through the host site. Any help in getting the gmail platform to work again as my main email would be incredibly helpful! Thank you!

27,163 Points
2015-04-07 8:30 am
Hello Jessie,

You will first want to ensure you have the MX records set up properly. If you find this is the case, or do not understand that completely, then you will want to contact the Live Support team and have then walk through the settings with you to see what the issue may be.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
n/a Points
2015-05-12 11:21 pm

Thank You very much

n/a Points
2015-05-31 10:34 pm


I'm trying to get my old emails forwarded to my new email using pop but I keep getting the error...


There was a problem communicating with   Server returned error: "Connection closed by remote host: The other server terminated our connection. Please contact your other email provider for more information."

Does anyone know how to fix it?


27,163 Points
2015-06-01 2:34 pm
Hello Samantha,

You will need to check the settings to ensure they are all correct. You may need to talk with our Live Support for that as we cannot verify specific settings in the public forums.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
n/a Points
2015-06-16 11:45 am

I have set up a host email to go through the above gmail account and someone with a very similar gmail (just one letter difference) is getting all emails I send from this account. How can this be?

3,251 Points
2015-06-17 12:55 am
Hello Fiona,

The Gmail account should be unique as long as everything is typed correctly the emails should only come to your account. Please try using the steps again in the article to see if it resolves your issue.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens
n/a Points
2015-06-17 5:57 am

Thanks for your reply. It appears that the person who set up the host for me had wrongly typed in the email address so now it's all sorted. I couldn't access that so couldn't see the problem. Many thanks for your suggestion.

n/a Points
2015-06-22 9:29 am

I was trying to setup but I can not as I got this info:


Authentication failed. Please check your username/password.[Server response: DNS Error: Address resolution of failed: Domain name not found code(0)  and here is my email address:

16,204 Points
2015-06-22 12:48 pm
Hello hasal,

Thank you for contacting us. As the error suggests, your server does not recognize the username or password for your email account. I recommend check your email username (usually, and password for misspellings/typos.

If you are hosting email with us, you can view your email settings in cPanel.

Thank you,

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