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Once you have completed the installation of WordPress you can login to your dashboard. The admin section of WordPress, the "WordPress Dashboard", is where you will begin building your WordPress site. Please take note that your login credentials are not the same as your cPanel username and password unless you set them up as the same. You will need some information to login to WordPress.

  • WordPress Installation URL: if you installed WordPress on the root of your domain your URL to access WordPress would be:
  • WordPress Username: This is the username you set up when initially installing WordPress.
  • WordPress Password: This is the password you set up when installing WordPress. If you emailed the installation details during the installation process it will be in that email as well.

Steps to log into WordPress

  1. WPlogin1To access the WordPress dashboard you simply need to add /wp-adminto the end of the URL where you installed WordPress like the below example:

    Note! If you installed WordPress to the document root of the url it would be If you installed WordPress on a folder called "blog" on your domain you would go to

    When you visit the login page for WordPress you will see the login screen.

  2. wp-dashType the username and password you used when you installed your WordPress.

    Note! Your WordPress login is a different login than your cPanel and your AMP. If you cannot remember your Username or Password, Please see our article on Resetting your WordPress Admin Password

    After you login to the dashboard successfully you will see the WordPress dashboard.

If you installed WordPress on a new domain or on a domain that is not yet pointed to your account with InMotion hosting, then you will not be able to use the dashboard until you point the domain to our servers or until the DNS changes take effect. You can set WordPress up to use your temp URL. The Temporary URL can be found in your AMP technical details.

Please note, that if you change WordPress to work using your temp URL, when you are ready to have the site go live, you will need to change it back so it will function using the domain name instead.

If for whatever reason you are unable to log into your WordPress Dashboard, you can contact our tech support to have the login fixed.

I can't log into my Wordpress dashboard

There are several reasons why you may be getting errors when trying to log into your Wordpress dashboard. We will go over a few of the common ones.

Wordpress login disabled

If you are getting this error, it is because there have been too many failed logins on your dashboard, in which our automated systems have disabled your Wordpress admin to prevent your site being compromised due to Wordpress brute force attacks. To resolve this issue, it is best to heighten the security of your Wordpress site to that malicious users do not have the opportunity to attempt to log into your site. We have written an excellent article at the following that outlines this process.

WordPress wp-login.php brute force attack

Username or password is incorrect

Many times, users simply forget their password. Luckily, we have written an excellent article on resetting your Wordpress password. You may find it at the following.

Resetting your WordPress Admin Password
Continued Education in Course 101: An introduction to WordPress
You are viewing Section 11: Logging into your WordPress Dashboard
Section 10: Installing WordPress using your Temporary URL
Section 12: Configuring your WordPress Home Page
2013-04-06 5:48 am
On STEP 1, it was not clear if the addition of "wp-admin" is on cPanel or the actual website, which you had opened after installation of WordPress.
2013-07-30 8:10 pm
I just signed up today and installed WP. Got confirmation email but when try to go to wp dashboard safari tells me it can not find server. Please help, anxious to get started.
27,085 Points
2013-07-30 8:19 pm
Hello Jeanne,

Thanks for the question and sorry that you can't yet get into your WordPress dashboard. The main reason is that you just signed up and registered a brand new domain name. When you register a new domain name, it needs up to 24 hours before it is recognized on the internet. This is known as DNS propagation. The servers on the internet are still being updated with your domain name - it doesn't happen instantaneously. So, please give it a little more time and then you will be able to see your WordPress dashboard.

If you cannot wait, you would need to change your WordPress settings to use the temporary URL. We do have instructions on how to install Wordpress to a temporary URL, but I would recommend this only if you're on a tight deadline. Once the DNS propagation period passes, in order to use your original domain name you would need to reverse the changes you made to use the WordPress site with the temp URL.

I hope this helps to clarify the issue for you! Please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.
2015-02-01 2:44 pm
I purchased hosting a week ago and installed wordpress and could not log in. Because of the domain issue, and hoping it would solve my problem vs pointing, I transferred my domain 3+ days ago. I still can't log into wordpress. When I go to as directed by my successful install, the page won't even load. (Originally between purchasing hosting/installing WP and transferring the domain, I did get a 404 error on that page, but now nothing.) Suggestions?
30,216 Points
2015-02-02 4:37 pm
Hello Brooke,

The domain is still pointing to Yahoo. If the domain is in transfer to us, the name servers cannot be changed until after the transfer is completed. At that time, you can change the name servers to point to us and then the domain should work fine. In the meantime, you can do a temporary fix by making a hosts file modification so that you can see the site as it will be. This will only work for you, however until the domain name server issue is corrected.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
n/a Points
2015-02-21 2:56 pm

Last week I registered I changed my primary domain from to the new www.crossfitwhitestar. When I look in my public_html folder I see that all of the WP files are still there. I verified that the newest version of WP is installed, etc. BUT....I cannot access my WP-Admin. I can`t do anything. And when I go to www.crossfitwhitestar, the pages still show up as

19,030 Points
2015-02-23 12:34 pm
Hello Bill,

Thank you for your question. If the wrong domain is coming up, the WordPress URL most likely needs to be changed still.

There are several ways to accomplish this, which are covered in our guide WordPress - Changing the Site URL and Home Settings.

Thank you,
n/a Points
2015-02-23 1:21 pm

johnpaulb-imhs1 says:

Hello Bill, Thank you for your question. If the wrong domain is coming up, the WordPress URL most likely needs to be changed still. There are several ways to accomplish this, which are covered in our guide <a href="/support/">WordPress - Changing the Site URL and Home Settings</a>. Thank you, John-Paul


Thanks. Done already. The issue lies within the coding for the links on the menu / header. After talking with Tech Support, they said I must contact the design people. The code points to the old site.

<ul id="nav">

      <li><a href="/support/">HOME</a></li>      <li><a href="/support/">ABOUT BILL</a></li>      <li><a href="/support/">HOW WE OPERATE</a></li>            <li class="right-nav margin"><a href="/support/">COURSES AVAILABLE</a></li>      <li class="right-nav"><a href="/support/">SIGN UP</a></li>      <li class="right-nav"><a href="/support/">CONTACT</a></li>    </ul>

11:19:23 AM [Harry J] This is the problem!


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2015-05-17 6:44 am


theam - twentyten

I paid to get my website done and this guy disappeared as soon as he got his partial money. 


1) I need to get rid of logo (this logo is not mine) logo is in cpanel. Did not find in media gallery. I need to write text " KBS Indusstries" in place of the logo. 


2) He has my competetor images in sliding , need to replace with mine and add few more sliding pictures. 

30,216 Points
2015-05-18 2:22 pm
Hello Khal,

You may want to take a look at our WordPress Education center. There are many articles there about modifying your WordPress so that you do not need any a developer for it.

As to your slider, this would be a plugin that you can modify so that you can change the images. The exact specifics may vary from plugin to plugin.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M

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