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There may be times when you want to use HTML in your WordPress website. For example you may prefer to code a hyperlink by hand, or adjust the header sizes. In this tutorial we will show you how to view/add HTML code to a Page or Post in WordPress.

As per WordPress' official Code support page, Javascript, and other embeds such as Flash are not allowed to be added to a Page or Post in WordPress.

Here is a list of the specific HTML tags that WordPress allows: address, a, abbr, acronym, area, article, aside, b, big, blockquote, br, caption, cite, class, code, col, del, details, dd, div, dl, dt, em, figure, figcaption, footer, font, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, header, hgroup, hr, i, img, ins, kbd, li, map, ol, p, pre, q, s, section, small, span, strike, strong, sub, summary, sup, table, tbody, td, tfoot, th, thead, tr, tt, u, ul, var

How to Add HTML to a Page/Post:

  1. Login to the Dashboard for WordPress.
  2. In the navigation menu click the Pages or Posts link, depending which one you want to add HTML to. In my tests I clicked Posts.
  3. Now, click the page or post that you want to edit.

  4. Click the Text tab.

    You will then see the text of the page or post and you can enter the HTML. In my Tests I am adding a Link to an email address:

  5. Click the Update button to save your changes.
    Here is view of the HTML link I added to a Post:

Congratulations, now you know how to add HTML to a WordPress Page or Post!

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2016-07-25 8:54 am


n/a Points
2016-07-31 3:08 am

Just followed the steps, and added Badge for Blogger Network HTML code to my site, Thank you!

n/a Points
2016-08-21 10:07 pm

you save this old OLD guy ass. thanks guys

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2016-08-27 6:22 am
How can i insert preload animation in my wordpress blog please reply.
40,028 Points
2016-08-29 3:18 pm
Are you talking about an animated gif? It would be added the same, with an img reference.
n/a Points
2016-08-29 2:02 am

how to add image html code ??

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2016-08-29 3:19 pm
Just the same as above, using an img tag.
n/a Points
2016-09-16 10:27 am

Thank you very much. You just brought me from going crazy mode to now I get it mode. Wonderful.



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2016-09-19 4:23 pm

I need to add code to the header area of my web site. I have no idea where to see that as it is not on the page I want to add some code to.

Can you tell me where I can edit the header?

Thanks in advance.

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2016-09-19 6:54 pm

I've tried adding code to the text page, but when I update it disappears.  I'm trying to add some specific spacing using a <p><p/> tag and a <br/>tag and neither of them stay when I update ???? :(

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2016-09-20 7:49 am
Try adding <p>$nbsp;</p> and see if that helps. <p></p> is blank and may be stripped out.
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2016-09-26 3:38 pm

For some reason it isn't working, Why

11,809 Points
2016-09-30 11:00 am
what exactly isn't working? Can you provide more details about what you are trying to do so we can help you?
n/a Points
2016-09-30 10:58 am

Thanks. What would be sweet if you had a book of different codes like a cheat sheet that a person could refer to when they have something they want to add. 


11,809 Points
2016-09-30 11:01 am
That's kind of tough to do, in reference to HTML. But if there's something you're looking to do specifically we're happy to recommend a solution.
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2016-10-10 7:25 pm

Hi I followed your steps and it isn't working. I'm trying to post a google ad sense code and it doesn't appear correctly. Can you help?

5,963 Points
2016-10-11 10:25 am
It may have something to do with the hype of code you are posting and how it appears within the content area of the post. You may want to post your code in the actual file for theme or consider installing a plugin that allows you to paste ad codes into widget areas.

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