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Important! cPanel will show the following error when setting up your DKIM and SPF records.
(Warning: cPanel is unable to verify that this server is an authoritative nameserver for [?])
This is a known bug within cPanel and can be disregarded. cPanel checks the local server for DNS in cPanel causing this error. As long as you can check them at the following link you DNS should work fine.

Port25 Domain Key Wizard

About Domain Keys and SPF Records

Domain Keys
Domain Keys is an e-mail authentication system that allows for incoming mail to be checked against the server it was sent from to verify that the mail has not been modified. This ensures that messages are actually coming from the listed sender and allows abusive messages to be tracked with more ease.

SPF will specify which machines are authorized to send email from your domain(s). This means that only mail sent through this server will appear as valid mail from your domain(s) when the SPF records are checked.

Additional Info
Yahoo - Domain keys -
Google - SPF -
AOL - Domain keys -

How to Implement Domain Keys and SPF Records

SPF Records and Domain Keys can be set within the "Email Authentication" section of your cPanel. The specific instructions are in the cPanel, and you can also visit cPanel's own website for more details:

If you need further assistance, or, if you do not have the "Email Authentication" icon in your cPanel, please email for further assistance.

If you missed our previous article, please see the Combating Spam: Using SpamAssassin tutorial. For more information on this course please visit Preventing Spam. Please see the next article on how to Permanently stop spam with SpamCop.

Continued Education in Course 201: Dealing with Spam
You are viewing Section 5: SPF Records and Domain Keys: Combating Spam
Section 4: Combating Spam: Using SpamAssassin
Section 6: 550 This message was classified as SPAM and may not be delivered
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SPF error "unable to verify that this server is an authoritative name"
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n/a Points
2014-04-26 1:22 pm

this is the email address that correspondence was sent.

the msg. was sent on Tuesday morning and I didn't recieve it unitl Friday morning.

21,783 Points
2014-04-28 12:16 am
Hello Chris,

SPF records would not delay email delivery. Although email was intended to be delivered within 24 hours, it can be delayed longer at times due to other issues with one or more email servers along the route.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
n/a Points
2014-05-30 6:37 pm

Hello there,I'm trying to figure out WHY most of the e-mail I send are always going to others SPAM box... I just send a couple of e-mails per dayand of course I'm NOT a spammer! Can someone please help me?

19,466 Points
2014-05-30 7:19 pm
Hello Marco,

Sorry to hear that you're having problems with sent email going into spam. If your emails are being sent to the SPAM box, it may be depend on several things. The content of your messages, server reputation, or the email filter settings on the destination server. You need to provide more information on the issue in order for us to more thoroughly investigate the problem. We would need to know your domain name, or at least the email address you're using and the destination you're sending the email to. You may also be receiving a bounce-back message that explains the issue. If you are getting a bounce-back message, then that information would be invaluable in determining the cause of your email problems.

We would be happy to help, but at present we need more information in order to proceed. If you wish for us to investigate the issue, then please respond with more info to this post. If you wish for the issue to be handled privately, then please contact our live technical support team via phone/chat/email as per the information at the bottom of the page.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.

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