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You may want to have certain procedures run at regular intervals from your PrestaShop site. This is known as a cron job. Cron is a time-based job scheduler that is found on Unix servers. Other operating systems refer to a 'cron job' as a 'scheduled task'. In essense it is a sript set to run at specific time intervals. This tutorial explains how to set up and configure the CronTab module, which allows you to be able to set cron jobs for your PrestaShop 1.5.

You will need to download the CronTab module for your shop to your local computer. You can find this module at the PrestShop website. Below is a set of instructions on how to add a Pinterest link to your products in PrestaShop 1.5. Note that the instructions assume you have already downloaded a Pinterest module to your local machine.

Setting up the CronTab module in PrestaShop 1.5

  1. Log into your PrestaShop 1.5 dashboard.
  2. Using the top menu bar, hover over the Modules tab and select the Modules option.
  3. From here you will see the the normal list of the available modules for your store. To upload your CronTab module, look to the upper right corner of the screen and click on the Add New Module button. This will reveal a small section just underneath for the purpose of uploading your module.
  4. Click the Upload this Module button to have it uploaded into your PrestaShop.
  5. After uploading the module, scroll down until you find the module named Crontab For PrestaShop in the module list. Click on the Install button located to the right of the module's row.
  6. Once installed, you will see a successful installation message on the screen. To continue to the settings area, click on the link named Configure. In the settings screen you will select the Method from the dropdown based on the descriptions given just below. Next, put the path for the cron script in the URL field. The Schedule dropdown allows you to choose from predetermined frequencies or create your own by selecting Other.

    The Other setting will present you with a worksheet to construct the frequency the job should run.
  7. Click Save for all areas you have modified to finalize the settings for the module. Your script is now set to run at your specified intervals.
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n/a Points
2014-04-11 8:46 am

"Server crontab" is the best method but only if your server uses Linux and you have access to crontab. In that case add the line below to your crontab file.

* * * * * php -f /home/myjowc5/public_html/modules/cron/cron_crontab.php


Does inmotionhosting server use linux?

17,717 Points
2014-04-11 11:04 am
Hello Nic,

Thank you for your question. Yes, InMotion Hosting uses all Linux servers.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,

n/a Points
2014-05-21 4:03 am

I have my own custom module with my own functions to export/import prestashop's products via xml file, should i create a php file including my php module file and then, execute the function to start import my products?

11,186 Points
2014-05-21 8:20 am
Unfortunately, your question is a bit unclear. Could you clarify it a bit for me?
n/a Points
2014-09-01 5:14 am

Hello, is this module independent of hosting?

My hosting charge for cron tab.


17,717 Points
2014-09-02 12:23 pm
Hello Fer,

Thank you for contacting us. We do not charge for using the CronTab module in PrestaShop.

With InMotion Hosting, you can also setup Cron Jobs in cpanel.

Thank you,
n/a Points
2014-09-29 9:41 pm

Hello guys!

How can I set my Prestashop cron job for the following links on cPanle Cron Job?

Layered Navigation Block 

rebuild price index

Please HELP !!!

17,717 Points
2014-09-30 11:49 am
Hello dabluesfreak,

Thank you for your question. Here is a link to our guide on How to run a cron job in cPanel.

We are happy to help, but it is unclear what you are trying to accomplish.

Can you provide more details?

Can you share a link to a guide you are following?

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Thank you,
n/a Points
2014-10-13 5:18 am


I install this module on my Prestashop site. 

I did not understand how setup URL, where i find it? Or what is it?

I hope you can help me.

Thank you

17,717 Points
2014-10-13 8:35 am
Hello Giovanna,

Thank you for your question. In the URL field, you should put the address of the cron script, or whatever you are trying to run in the cron job.

For example, if your script.php is located in the /public_html folder, you would call it in like this:

What task do you want to run in the cron job?

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Thank you,
n/a Points
2014-10-28 1:29 pm

I followed the steps, enabled  the test job for testing configuration but the test cron job does not running. Prestashop on Linux.  

cron test * * * * * Never

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

17,717 Points
2014-10-28 1:43 pm
Hello Cookie,

Thank you for contacting us. We are happy to help, but will need some additional information to troubleshoot the problem.

Are you getting any errors? What are they? Turning on Error Reporting in PrestaShop can help provide a more detailed error.

You can then review the error logs for problems.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Thank you,

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