WordPress is dynamically driven using your domain name. This means that WordPress will not work correctly using your temporary URL if it was configured to be installed using your domain name. Click here to learn more about WordPress Hosting.

Take for instance, if you are migrating an existing WordPress site from another host to InMotion hosting, you will want to migrate the site and test it prior to pointing the domain name to our servers.

We advise using your temporary URL to test your WordPress site before pointing your domain to our servers. If you install WordPress using Softaculous located in cPanel, you won't directly have the option to install it using a temporary URL, so you can follow the steps below to get this working properly.

If you need help locating your temporary URL, you can find it in your Account Management Panel (AMP). Your temporary URL will resemble:


Note! You can get your temporary URL by navigating to your AMP technical details.

Configure WordPress to use temporary URL

  1. To use your temporary URL with WordPress, simply install WordPress on the domain itself. Do not be concerned with the temporary URL yet.
  2. Next you will need to locate the wp-config.php file in file manager in cPanel. The wp-config.php file will be located in the root folder where you initially installed WordPress.filemgr-wp-config
  3. Next, you will need to right-click on the file and select "code edit".code-edit
  4. This will open the actual code of the file, and you will need to insert two lines of code to the top of the file to set your temporary URL as the way to access your WordPress installation.

    In your file, ecbiz107.inmotionhosting.com/~userna5 will need to be replaced with your own temporary url.


    Save the changes by clicking the "save change" button in the upper right corner.

    Congratulation! You have successfully changed WordPress to use your Temporary URL.

    Changing WordPress back to use your domain name

    When you are done setting up and testing the your website using the temporary URL you will want to edit the wp-config.php file again and remove the code you placed into the file. Open the wp-config.php file with the code editor and replace your temporary url with your actual domain name.

Alternatives to using the Temp URL

The temp url is a great way to get your WordPress site working prior to the site going live. There is another way to develop your WordPress site outside of the temp url. You can use a Hosts File mod on your local computer. The Hosts file mod "Fakes" your local computer in thinking the domain is on your server when in fact you are only connecting to the IP address. To learn more about modifying your Hosts file please see the following link.

Modifying Your Hosts File

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2013-12-03 9:46 am
changing wordpress back to your domain name...in the php file, i assume we do not use www. but just the http:/domain-name.com?
11,156 Points
2013-12-03 11:07 am
You may change it either way. If you installed int on your domain and changed it to your temporary URL as the article describes, simply removing the lines that you previously put into place will work as well.
n/a Points
2014-05-28 2:14 am

Thanks so much for your post on this. I found it via google search, helping a friend with the same problem, and this fixed it. Much appreciated.

n/a Points
2014-06-19 5:12 pm

Thanks, sir! Moving Wordpress always turns out to be trickier than I think (especially when you have to use a temporary url). This works great!

n/a Points
2015-03-10 10:02 am

A great way to do this is actually just link to the server IP address in your hosts file on your local machine, that way you it doesn't effect any site users until you're ready to go live. It also makes migrating broken wordpress installations rather than cloning a site a lot easier.

Go to your hosts file and enter 1 line replacing the IP with your server IP (works on shared hosting as well) and replacing mysite.com with your website url, then save the hosts file (windows users can find this in C:/windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts - and can edit easily using notepad++(free download) or MS wordpad):

### Start IP resolve for new server ### www.mysite.com mysite.com

21,370 Points
2015-03-10 10:51 am
Hello Garratt,

Thanks for the post about the hosts file change. We have two articles (one for PC and one for Mac) that walks a person through the steps in doing this. I also agree that if you do the hosts file you save your self a lot of headaches with moving the site after finishing its development. There are cases where a customer will want a fully working site, from the same location. This is where I would recommend that the alternate site be an add-on domain and the primary site re-directs to it temporarily until development is completed.

Here are the links for the tutorials to modify the hosts files:

Modify Your HOST files in Windows

Modifying your HOSTS file on a Mac

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.

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