Tips to Marketing Your Essential Oil Business Online

 Tips to Marketing Your Essential Oil Business Online

Essential oils have been used for years in everything from perfumes to scented candles; they’re currently seeing an amazing resurgence in popularity throughout the country.

People are buying essential oils for two main reasons. First, they are purported to be a remedy for a plethora of health problems including digestive issues, insomnia, congestion, and even PMS. The other reason why people are turning to essential oils is that they offer an all-natural, chemical-free path to feel healthier.

Easily Reach New Customers

Customers no longer have to turn their health over to a nameless, faceless conglomerate of pharmaceutical companies who pump them full of chemicals leading to side effects often worse than the original ailments. If you are in the business of selling essential oils and are interested in creating a website to sell them, then you need to be aware that the competition is fierce.

Here’s how to get the competitive edge that you will need to be successful:

  1. Do some marketing—The first thing that you will want to do is figure out who your potential customer base is and what they want. The best market research is to look at successful businesses, so you can emulate their successes and improve on their failures. You want to look at who the top sellers are in essential oils and be sure to learn everything that you can about the products.
  2. Establish your brand—Once you get a feel for the business and marketing, you can start to actually create your business. You will want to work on creating your logo so that it is distinct and eye-catching to distinguish you from the rest. The other thing you will need to do is layout your website so that it is professional and effective. WordPress is an important tool in doing just this with thousands of different themes, templates, and plugins that can make the site design process go smoother. Additionally, you can utilize different hosting options to create an e-commerce site that is perfect for what your customers will need.
  3. Social media marketing—An essential part of any online business will be the creation of a social media presence. You need to focus on one social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram and effectively interact with your customers to answer their questions and promote your business.
  4. Create content—You cannot just set up an online storefront and expect it to take off just by its mere presence. One way to bring in customers is by creating a content-related blog. A blog such as this can educate people on different types of essential oils and their uses as well as potential health risks that could come up from mixing different types of oils. As people research these different oils, they will see you as an expert in your field and then you will be able to bring them into your business site.
  5. Generate your product—It’s not enough to just market your oils by mailing them out in simple bottles with eye-droppers. You will need to create a product with a visible logo and design that shoppers can identify as yours. Imagine how far Coke would have gotten with just a plain plastic bottle of soda instead of the iconic red can with the Coke logo on it. By creating specialized bottles and mailing envelopes with your logo, you will have a product that actually advertises for you.

Create a Beautiful Website

Essential oils are a growing and lucrative product line today. But that just means that it is an extremely competitive market with lots of other companies fighting for the same customer base. In order to be successful, it is highly recommended that you follow these marketing tips to help your business stand out from the crowd.

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