Responsive Web Design: What It Is, and How to Confirm It’s Working

Responsive Web Design
One of the most common questions when building a website is, will my website be mobile friendly? Almost every website owner asks this question at some point. Why is this? When getting mobile phones, many people didn’t understand why someone would want a responsive website design. You could zoom into the web page and access all of the links and content.

When someone came across a website which was a bit ahead of the game and had responsive website design, it was then that they understood how it could change the way websites are used on mobile devices. The user experience was incredible. The way the website loads on each screen size does make a difference.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is a website which has been designed to fit the screen resolution of mobile devices. Not only does the overall website fit to the screen, but usually the elements of the website are rearranged to fit to your screen, giving easy access to the website.

How do I know if my website has responsive web design?

The easiest way to tell if your website has a responsive web design is to simply visit your website on a mobile device. If the website fits to the screen size of your device and all of the elements shrink to fit to your screen, it usually means that you have a mobile responsive website. Another way to check is to use an online tool. The Google mobile-friendly checker will be able to tell if your website has a responsive web design.
Google Responsive Website Design Checker

What if I don’t have a responsive web design?

Depending on how your website was built, building a responsive design could be rather simple. Contacting a developer to assist with designing a responsive design is the best way to get it built properly. There are also several tools which you can use to build a responsive website design yourself.

  • For WordPress websites, look into
  • For custom coded or non CMS websites, look into


Some web developers wondered if it was worth building a responsive design for their clients. As the years have gone on, this concern is no longer. Today, more visitors use their phones to access websites than they do on a standard desktop computer. Building a responsive web design is not optional to run a successful website, it is required.

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