Website Backups: The Most Powerful Tool in Web Security

It’s a Friday morning and you’ve had a peaceful quiet time after getting up, and it’s time to head to work. You jump in your car and start the commute to your office. On the way in, you stop at the coffee shop and pick up your usual. As you pull out of the coffee shop parking lot, you feel a thump, thump, thump on the front driver side wheel.

You quickly pull over, and see that you have a flat tire. Panicked, you run to the back of your car and open the trunk, searching for the spare tire, only to find that it was removed. You then remember that your spouse had taken it to the tire shop for maintenance a week before and probably forgot to put it back.

You can’t drive to work on a flat tire! What do you do? You grab for your phone and try to dial your spouse, but just as you hear the first ring, the phone goes black. The battery is dead. Some might say, you’re just having a bad day, and you certainly might have some challenges, but ultimately, if you had prepared in advance and had the spare put back in the car, along with charging your phone the night before, you wouldn’t be having these issues. In fact you might have been able to call a Uber and still make it into work on time!

Do I Need a Website Backup?

Did you know that this story could be true about your website? You might say, there’s no way my website can have a flat tire. True, but what happens if instead of a flat tire, it was a successful phishing attack? It would have the same effect as a flat tire, but just online.

No one would be able to access your website. Let’s follow the storyline from above. When you go to get the “spare tire” or the website backup, you find that it was on the same server and was deleted when the hack took place.

What do you do? As you sit down to send a quick message to your web developer, you realize that your email is gone too! The hacker took over your full hosting account. Most of the time it’s not the hosting provider’s fault that you were hacked. Ultimately, it’s on you as you didn’t prepare. This situation is exactly the same as a flat tire, but the fact is, hacks probably a lot more often than flat tires.

What is a website backup?

A website backup is a safety net, or a spare tire for websites. It is generally a complete copy of all your website files, allowing for an easy way to restore your website if anything was to happen.

Some believe that website backups are just in case something happens to the server. While that might be partially true, a website backup is truly the most powerful tool in website security, as it alone has the ability to recover a website after a hack or malware infection happens.

Some website owners who have been attacked and hacked, have been able to recover their website in just a matter of minutes because of having a recent backup.

How do I backup my website?

Backing up your website can certainly seem complex, but with our new Backup Manager, you can make a backup way faster and easier than it would take to change a tire! Simply select ‘Backup Manager’ in your Account Management Panel (AMP) and you can then set how frequently you would like your website to backup.

You can also easily restore your backups if anything was to happen, and even setup email notifications to let you know when you’re nearing your backup quota.

Correction: InMotion Hosting no longer offers free backups. However, the backup manager service is available at a rate of $2/month. It is highly reliable and easy to use.

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