What Are Live-State Snapshots with My VPS Plan?

What Are Live-State Snapshots with My VPS Plan

If you have VPS hosting, then you probably already know how important the safety and backup features are for keeping your website secure. One of the more recent additions to this is the ability to take a snapshot of your VPS.

Many different companies offer their own snapshot products. Essentially, they offer the same features. The software will take a single backup of the VPS and give you the option to restore back to the original save point at any time.

Most of these products will save the snapshot for one week and then delete it from your system. At this time, you will either need to take another snapshot or move the original one into a long-term storage area. (Many VPS hosting companies will offer you the ability to save these at a fee of a few dollars per month.) The previous snapshot is deleted when If you wish to take another snapshot, then the previous one will be deleted.

So why is a snapshot so important for the safety and security of your website?

Well, let’s start with an analogy. Many of us are familiar with the ways that modern video games work. You move along in a game and reach a point where you can save your data. If you choose not to save and your character gets killed, then you have to start over at the beginning of the game.

Think of the snapshot in much the same way. This backs up your VPS with saved data. If something happens, it allows you to go back to your last “save point” without having to worry about data loss and the like.

A snapshot is part of what is called a disaster recovery plan (DRP) for your server environment. The ability to quickly revert back to a previous state drastically reduces downtime. It doesn’t depend on cPanel or other control panels to work properly. You don’t need SSH access. Just follow the most basic backup best practice: create snapshots before making major changes.

These days there are so many threats to your site’s security that it is almost impossible to keep track of them all. From Trojan viruses to malware to ransomware, there are hosts of different ways for hackers to take down your website or infect it so that you become a focal point for the spread of other malware.

If this were to happen to you, it could really impact your site traffic as no one is going to trust you once you receive a reputation for having virus infections. It is important to do regular security scans and maintain virus protection on your website.

But a snapshot is able to add another piece to the puzzle. Ultimately, it is realistic to assume that something is going to slip through and infect your website. And when this happens, you need to have a snapshot of your website. Remember, they quickly allow you to return your site to its former (i.e., safer) glory.

By taking this snapshot of your website, you are saving everything from your VPS configuration to your customized features that you have so meticulously set up on your website. One option is that you take a snapshot every single day for a week. At the end of the week, your oldest snapshot is deleted and replaced by a new one. This, in turn, gives you a whole array of snapshots to restore your website from should something go wrong.

If you are looking for a company that can provide you with VPS hosting, then you should definitely look for those that offer a snapshot option. In the event that something goes wrong, you’ll have a “picture” of your CMS for easy restoration. InMotion Hosting offers a High-Availability Cloud VPS product that offers snapshots. We’re here to fully protect you and your peace of mind by backing up your site and having it ready to restore at a moment’s notice.

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