What is Important When Choosing a Hosting Provider?

What is Important When Choosing a Hosting Provider?

When searching for a hosting provider you may know to look for storage space and price, but what about other options like a website backup tool, or support? There are a few things that may not make it to the top of the list when searching for a host and we want to bring them into the discussion as well.

Hosting Plans

Different hosting plans are available for all sizes and styles of websites. These include VPS, cloud, shared, dedicated, WordPress, and a few others. So when searching for a provider, how many of these options do they have?

During the life of a website you will most likely want to expand or take on more visitors, and being able to stay with the same host is a great way to ensure your site is not affected if you need to change plans. Providers with one or two plans will be hard to grow with and therefore you may need to change providers, which could cause a disruption in your website.

Plan Tiers

Having different tiers for each plan is a great indicator to decide if a provider will be right for you. This allows you to start at the tier that best fits you and still gives you room to grow. Providers that offer different tiers are confident in their service and encourage people to grow their websites. It also shows that they are aware that not everybody needs the most storage space, highest security, or anything else that comes with top of the line packages. Plus, who doesn’t like options when it comes to spending money?

Website Backup Tool

Backing up your website is something that is often overlooked. That being said, does your provider offer a website backup tool? Backing up your website will save lots of headaches in case of any issues that cause your website to go down.

We believe in this so much that we offer our own very reliable and automatic website backup tool. The tool even lets you know if your backup limit is being exceeded so you can make adjustments.

Hosting Support

Supporting a website should not just be left to you. A good web host will offer support, a better website host will offer 24/7 best in class support (psst – that’s us). InMotion Hosting is consistently ranked top of the class for our support. You reach us via chat, telephone, or email any time of day.

When you choose one of our plans we also monitor your data, making sure that your website is still performing the best it can and that there are no problems being left unresolved.

You may notice a pattern here in that we don’t like headaches or problems. But these things happen and we know that, so we want to give you the best support that you can find.


Finally, the price is going to differ with every hosting plan. Plans cost less than they used to and that does show, but they can still be different. Also, if you can’t afford it, then you can’t afford it – we understand. Don’t spend over your budget because that will not help anything. Instead, look for a host that provides all of the above and the most bang for your buck.

Has a website backup tool, support, and options made it to your checklist of what to look for in a host? We hope so! Want to know what a great host looks like? Look no further than InMotion Hosting’s backup tool and hosting plans.

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