The Importance of a Great Domain Name

During the domain name registration process, choosing a domain name is an extremely important step.

Creating an appealing domain name that reflects your business can be challenging, and you are not alone in this struggle.

Let’s look at what makes a great domain name, and why it’s so important.

What makes a great domain name?

There are several factors that contribute to a truly great domain name:

  1. The extension. The extension is the part of a url that comes after the actual domain name, such as .com. Using .com is a great way to add credibility to your site – it makes your site seem legit.
  2. Spelling. NO MISTAKES! Before you click yes to purchase your domain, make sure there are no spelling errors. Of course, if your company name or the name you want is misspelled intentionally, that’s fine (but not recommended).
  3. Memorability. How easy is your domain to remember? Is it short and right to the point or does it drag on and include the full name of your business? Is it unique?

Taking the second piece of criteria into account, spelling, know that correctly spelled words are easier to remember. Limiting your domain to a maximum of three words also makes it easier to remember.

Additionally, the flow of the domain name is a big part of being able to remember it. For example, is two words, reads easy, and it’s memorable. On the other hand, would be a lot to remember, has unneeded information, and is too long.

How unique is your domain? How does it look when compared to similar websites, and does it stand out?

Being unique does have its limits though, as you don’t want a domain name that is so unusual that people are confused by it.

Why is a great domain name important?

The difference between a great domain name and a not-so-great domain name can make or break your site. Here’s why:

  1. Increased views. With technology ever increasing the speed and ease of doing pretty much anything, the internet users have to come to love “fast and easy.” When you have a domain that is easy to type and doesn’t take a long time, people will be inclined to go to your site. They might not know everything you offer, but they will be intrigued and want to learn more.
  2. Credibility. As we talked about, using a .com extension adds credibility. This is the same for a great domain. When you have a not-so-great domain name people are going to question whether your site is legit or not, even before going to your site. Therefore, having a good, descriptive domain name gives the sense that if you go to the website, you will find credible and useful information.
  3. Branding. Think of a website as your online body. It has all the important parts and information that you show to the world. If a website is your body, then a domain is your identity. It is what people know you by, and you don’t want an identity that misrepresents who you are. Before you complete your domain name registration you want to be sure that what you are choosing represents your company the best it can. This reinforces your brand, its memorability, and legitimacy.

Domain Name Registration is Important

One thing to remember is that you can change your domain down the line. If you have a successful business already and plenty of web traffic, it’s not recommended, but if you are struggling to increase traffic, it can be a great help, and that is why a great domain is so important. Some smaller companies have even changed their business name because they wanted or found a great domain.

Domain name registration, while sometimes frustrating, can be an educational experience. Not only can a great domain influence potential customers, but it can even influence your business and its brand. At InMotion Hosting offer top of the line domains and hosting packages, as well as the best support in the industry.

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