Spoofed Email Alert – “Your Cloud Account’s services are about to be suspended”

Spoofed email alert news/announcement November 2021

InMotion Hosting is aware of a spoofed email attack affecting some customers. Some InMotion Hosting customers have received a “spoofed” email with the subject line similar to: “Your Cloud Account’s services are about to be suspended.”

What Is a Spoofed Email?

A “spoofed” email refers to any email communication that uses an established domain to send illegitimate messages. For more information be sure to check out our full guide regarding spoofing and how to protect your domain.

Did I Receive a Spoofed Email?

If you received any communication from InMotion Hosting via email advising that cloud account services are about to be suspended you may have received a spoofed email.

What Action Do I Need To Take?

At this time, there is no action required on the part of any customer. You are recommended to ignore and delete these false communications and advised to not click any links contained in the body of the messages. To check the legitimacy of any account-related billing issues you are best advised to log into your Account Management Panel and review your subscription renewal status there. The issue has been identified and is being handled by InMotion Hosting staff.

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