Team Member Profile: Ali Jones

Hometown: Hampton, VA
Position: Technical Support Manager
InMotion Hosting team member since April 2009

Ali Jones - InMotion HostingHow did you get started in the web hosting field?
I entered the field as a Tier 1 Technician in 2005 while living in North Carolina. My duties at the time included providing support to both Windows and Linux web hosting customers. Within a year I was promoted to Shift Manager and was responsible for supervising Tier 1 Support, Tier 2 Support and Systems Administrators.

What’s your current role at InMotion Hosting? What do you like most about it?
My current role is Support Manager. My favorite part of the job is being part of a team that strives to make a difference for our customers. Most people have had a bad customer service experience at some point in their life and have come to dread contacting technical support at any company. Our goal is to change their mind about how they perceive tech support and ensure that they are blown away when they contact us.

We work hard to show them that we are a company that takes an active interest in their success. I love hearing from customers that are excited about how the Support team was able to far exceed their expectations because it’s a testament to the expertise, professionalism and dedication of our employees.

Coolest gadget you own, want, or have read about?
I’ve been keeping up with news on the Oculus Rift, a Virtual Reality headset in development. VR has been something that was attempted in the past, but I think that the technology finally exists to do it properly. Since Facebook recently acquired the company, it will likely mean that VR applications will be used for more than just gaming.

What would you like to tell us about yourself?
I’m always willing to help!

What’s one word that would describe your personality?

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