Team Member Profile: Chenelle Harris

ChenelleHometown: Newport News, VA
Position: Director, HR
InMotion Hosting team member since October 2009





How did you get started in the web hosting field?
InMotion Hosting is my first experience with the web hosting industry. As a “user” of the web, I had never really given much thought to how it worked behind the scenes, just that I could get to the sites that I wanted too and my email worked correctly. I was truly amazed at how much technical knowledge it really takes to keep sites up and running. I’ve learned so many new and exciting things here at IMH, that although at work I will never be the most technical person in the room, in my circle of HR associates and family members, I’ve learned enough to really sound sophisticated in conversation. A big shout out to all the wonderful team members in VA and CA, that have been so patience in teaching me the aspects of web hosting and web design.

What is your current role at InMotion Hosting?
What do you like most about it? As a member of the HR team, my core role is to support the team members so that they can focus on making our customer’s experience awesome, assist them with their technical needs and make sure that their online business sites are set up to succeed. Our department facilitates the bi-annual profit sharing payouts, annual base increases, weekly free lunches, medical benefits, 401K savings plans, educational reimbursement and the list goes on and on. Oh, and we get to wear jeans every day if we want to. I’m a bit conservative so at first I did not think I would be comfortable with that, but now, me and my jeans have become good friends.

Coolest gadget you own, want to own, or have read about?
My 15 year old daughter gets a consistent kick out of me when I think I’m being “cool” with technology, but my IPhone does give me some “cool” points with her and her friends. With that said, I think any gadget that will allow me to track my daughter when she’s not with me is cool. Not that I necessarily believe in “big brother” watching us, but I’m a fan of “mothers on watch”.

What would you like to tell us about yourself?
I’ve been in the field of HR for over 20 years (oops, did I just tell my age) and I’m truly having the time of my life supporting all of the team members here. InMotion is a “cool” company to be a part of and we have team members from CA to VA who really want to help our customers succeed. I also really feel strongly that our owners are two of the most kindest people in this world. I’m very grateful that I’m a part of this team.

Describe your personality in one word:

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