InMotion Hosting’s Core Principle

InMotion Hosting Thrills Customers

InMotion Hosting was founded on a simple principle – treat your customer how you expect to be treated. Our founders were already experts in Web Hosting, and they knew there was a large market of people looking for a reliable host who cared about their success.

This focus on the customer was the foundation of our culture as we grew. But, maintaining a consistent customer-focused culture while growing rapidly required a great deal of discipline and innovation. Various methods were employed over the years to live up to our founding principles, including the formulation of our company mantra in 2010. That was followed by immersion of the Mantra into all aspects of the business from hiring and training to everyday protocols, continuing education, and even bonus structures.

But, was that enough? In short, no. In reality, there is never an end to the task of improving your customer’s experience. As our expansive growth continued, we learned an extremely valuable lesson: Hiring and training individuals to truly care about the customer and strive to THRILL the customer is only half of the equation. You also need the ability to verify if all of those good intentions are being realized in practice and to implement changes wherever we fall short of our goals. Our solution was to create a Customer Experience Team.

In the Fall of 2012, the Customer Experience Team was born. The sole purpose of this department is to be the customer advocate, responsible for analyzing, identifying, and driving ongoing improvements to the customer experience across ALL customer touch points. I am honored to manage this team, extremely appreciative that our goals and values come directly from the founders, and proud of the accomplishments to date from this department.

A couple examples of recent enhancements include:

  • The Sales Confirmations Team has been transformed into the Onboarding Team. Instead of simply confirming the accuracy and validity of a new order, the New Account Specialists now have the goal of “Setting the Customer up for Success”, to include tasks such as:
    • Welcoming new customers on board.
    • Identifying and answering questions regarding the customer’s goals and needs.
    • Providing direction and help documentation directly related to those goals and needs.
    • Initiating conversations on important aspects yet to be considered by the customer.
    • Installing or triggering installation of certain software as requested by the customer.
  • A new and improved Account Management Panel (AMP).
    We recently launched major enhancements to our Account Management Panel, with a major focus on improving usability for top customer journeys. Some key enhancements included:
    • Updating the look, feel, flow, and consistency of AMP, with focus on ease of use.
    • Reducing the number of clicks to reach the top customer journeys.
    • Creating visibility for the customer to proactively maintain contact and billing information.
    • Increasing integration between AMP, cPanel, our Support Center.

Our Customer Experience Team’s Promise to You

We will put ourselves in your shoes all day, everyday. Your pains are our pains, and your happiness is our goal. We will continue to strive to THRILL you every single day.

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