Social Media Geodensity Usage

Geo Communication

Geo Communication

When Eric Fischer started mapping out glowing pixels of data from recent geotagged images posted to flickr and twitter, the result was a beautiful render of latest tweet or photo activity from people’s mobile phones, projected onto views of the world.

Here is a projected aerial view of Los Angeles. We think it’s interesting not only because of the cyber view of the communication world, but also what it could mean to marketers and how they communicate with their audiences.

Dense activity both on twitter and flickr is highlighted by white hotspots, along business frontages, streets, traffic dense areas. It probably goes to show that as a feedback tool for social media managers, twitter and flickr has some kind of leverage for reaching your footfall audience locally. Just how to do that is what marketers will have to go away and strategize and we’ll be keeping an eye on that for our local business companies that we host.

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