Our New Creative Office Space

We’ve moved! There’s been quite an effort put on by our West Coast team to make our new office our home away from home.

The entire office was hands-on and inspirit with getting settled in, breaking the usual routine of working at the desk. Everyone took the time to figure out their Krypton Factor with assembling the IKEA furniture; and a few of us anticipated office deliveries as if it were Christmas time. Not to mention, we’ve all joined in to have our say with everything from changing light bulbs (Yes! How many office managers does it take to change a light bulb?) to hanging artwork on the walls. It’s been light fun, but underneath we really respect the extra effort our colleagues have put in just to make this a smooth move.

The 5,200 sq. ft. office space in Los Angeles hosts the Marketing HQ, and is not to be confused with our 18,000+ sq. ft. Virginia office which houses our heroic 24/7 call center and team of some 150+ associates! More pictures to come in a later post.

Not only is the creative space updated to reflect our aspirations of the modern workplace, but we think the move has culturally refreshed our team-spirited atmosphere. We can all pride ourselves with ownership of the office, and that certainly helps out when it comes to keeping the new kitchen clean. Sorry, I meant keeping the open office space tidy! You know, ’cause we’re not all office computer geeks that live on ramen noodles over here.

A few things we’d like to rave about that really make this office a cool place to work are:

  • Scribble walls for Whiteboard Wednesdays, where anything rules, nothing is wrong and allows for creative thinking!
  • Screen projector (which one of our team members fitted out with Apple TV) so we can broadcast our ideas to the group via our laptops, iPads and iPhones.
  • Rolling TVs! For holding “Wizard of Oz” Skype conferences with big-heads back in our Virginia office.
  • Scrabble. It fills our open office suite.

We’ve had the building management conducting tours of our office space up on 11th floor heaven just because we’re too cool tenants.

Check out some of the photos below:


10 thoughts on “Our New Creative Office Space

  1. I wish I could work someplace that nice. I love the natural lighting, community atmosphere, and creative aspects. Darn! I should have studied computer science instead of political science (writer/public relations).

    Nice newsletter, by the way!

  2. Here’s my suggestion: As someone who is on the computer a lot, I’ve found that sitting in a chair too long was killing me. I now have a counter type workspace area as well where I can work standing up (with a stool to lean on occasionally). I now use this more hours than my desk, and my body is no longer contorted into that painful ‘computer-geek’ posture.

    1. Yes Marv, we had that idea to set up a bar area in one corner for perching/working. In fact I think that I’ll bring this up again as a useful addition to our creative space, thanks again!

  3. The photos are great to see – congratulations to you all on your lovely new office environment. It makes such a difference to have a pleasant work space. It was also good to see a little of InMotion – we have been with you for a year now and are very pleased with the fantastic service you provide.
    Stephanie, Cambridge UK

  4. First of all, Congrats for the fantastic office space. Pics appears to be rocking and just give glimpse of the open culture at inmotion organization. It also reflect great office culture one of the reason to derive great customer support from you guys.. All the very best for coming future and hope to see more such pics across the globe for Inmotion


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