Choosing the Right TLD for Your Domain Registration

 Choosing the Right TLD for Your Domain Registration

During the process of domain registration, most people think that a .com domain is what they need. However, .com is just the one that everybody knows.

There are many different types of top-level domains (TLD) and they are getting more popular as the internet grows and domains become a commodity. But how do you go about picking the right one?

Choosing a .com domain is the standard when coming to choosing a domain, but it’s also kind of boring.

Unless you are a corporation or large business, .com isn’t your only option, and you have an opportunity to make your URL truly unique and stick out above the rest. Here are some of the more popular types of TLDs and who they benefit.

Sponsored TLD

Just to get this out of the way, sponsored TLDs have a sponsor that represents a narrow community associated with that TLD. Some examples are .gov, .edu, .mil, so unless you are a part of these organizations/communities, you won’t be using these.

Original TLD

These are some of the first TLDs created, and there are only 3 available for open use as of now, .com, .org, and .net. These are very common and the majority of internet users know them.

If you are able to find the URL you want with one these TLDs and it is affordable, it’s not a bad idea to buy it. It isn’t very unique but consumers are comfortable with them and know for the most part they can be trusted.

Country/Geographic Code

There are 255 country code TLDs, yes, more than there are countries. Using a country code can be good for local SEO. If you wish to keep your business/website/focus tied to 1 specific country a country code may be for you.

There are parameters that may exist depending on the country code you would like to use, so be sure to check those out before starting the domain registration process.

Geographic TLDs can be more niche, using city names (.amsterdam) or full country names (.wales), or they can be more broad, using a region such as .asia. This further increases the use of SEO and targets specific audiences.

ICANN-era Generic TLD

If you want custom, this is what you want. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is basically the caretaker of the internet. They match domain names with the correct IP addresses, as well as manage them, and without this, we wouldn’t be able to reach websites as is. Enough about them, what about the TLDs?

The ICANN-era Generic TLD is all about what your company is or represents. With options such as .music, .video, .expert, even .mom, the possibilities are (almost) endless. There are only so many, but the variety is stunning. If you want to make an impression with your URL, this is the kind of TLD you want. People in general remember things that are out of the norm and want to know more about them.

While these type of TLDs may be more expensive in some cases, it is worth it to have a unique URL. These are good for businesses who want to show that they’ve kept up with the times and enjoy innovation and new technology. It’s also good for businesses who like to have fun and not be a part of the corporate world that a lot of the population seems to dislike.

When it comes down to your domain registration, in the end you need what works, what you can afford, and what you feel comfortable with. As you can see each type of TLD has its benefits, and it is up to you to decide which of those benefits is what you are looking for. And if you’re looking for a domain, head over to our options and get started with finding your perfect domain.

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