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We aren’t just a webhosting company. We want your websites to thrive and host valuable information to generate your online business. Are you stuck with ideas on how to flesh out your website and need a quick boost of content to keep your audience reading? Here are three great tips you can put into immediate use to get Google crawling and your visitor traffic sticking around.

1./ Infographics

Infographics are great because they encourage your visitors to engage and scroll around for longer to disseminate the information. There is no ranking penalization for duplicate content, and they are quick and easy space fillers. Great ways to stimulate discussion on your website is to present your own critique of the infograph. Not only is that original, but your insight gives the reader a deeper understanding of your abilities as a contractor. Infographics are also readily pinnable for free publicity via Pinterest.

Some free infographics by InMotion Hosting:

How to Research [Infographic]

Make Money Online [infographic]

20 minute SEO Audit

Where does your Website Live

WordPress Essentials by Industry

SMO Periodic Table App Map

HTML5 Cheat Sheets [Infographic]

2./ Web Freebies

Templates, icon sets, and anything your readers can download and come to you for recommendations. This saves them a search, and it also gets you bookmarked. Don’t forget to include videos as learning resource materials. Here are a few of our own you can share. I hope this also gives you ideas on what else you can host:

InMotion Hosting recommends these cool tools:

Social Media Tracker [Cool Tool]

eCommerce IconPack [Downloads]

Favicon & iTouch icon Generator

Facebook Cover Template [PSD Template]

Facebook Timeline Hack [PSD Template]

Let’s Explain Webhosting [Video]

Animate Google Plus [PSD Template]

3./ Guest Author content

It’s a well-known fact that getting valuable content contribution to your blog in exchange for a link can benefit both parties and strengthen your business relationships on the web…

Use our “How To Research Infographic” to find people on the internet to build solid online relationships. The exchange may be different for each and every website. As an example, I’ve embedded our upcoming blogroll to show where we look for contribution or exchange. If any of these articles apply to you, then please do reach out and place a comment on this blog. I’ll soon follow up and see what we can do for you!

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You are free to use our content on your websites, critique it, and re-use it for personal or business use, all we require is a link back to our website. Simply copy and paste code below:

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