Web Icon Goodies

Have you ever been given the job of building a beautiful website, to find the important choices and design specifications for the eCommerce section omitted from your style sheet? Well, to save you the hassle of resorting to last minute searches, we’ve decided to compile niche icon packs to help you in those last minute website refinements.

Shopping Cart Icons

Our opening selection is the eCommerce icon pack. They are simple, sleek and scalable to maintain design consistency throughout your hosted website. We’ve gone to some effort to include dark and light themes to blend with any colored theme you have already built.

Feel free to give us any feedback on this article about other designs you’d like to see us produce. We’ll be doing a regular round-up of common resources for our audience in this blog, and we look forward to reviewing any of your suggestions. Simply place a comment in the reply section below and we’ll guarantee to take a look.

We have provided the use of this eCommerce icon pack under The Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0). This means it’s free to download and use, as long as attribution is given to InMotion Web Hosting www.inmotionhosting.com.


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