Let’s Explain Web Hosting – Behind the Scenes [Video]

Ever get bored of the techie trying to explain to you what web-hosting is all about from his bedroom recorded Skype video? Ever get confused with all the funny terms they drop in – like ‘Shared Hosting’, ‘Dedicated Servers’, it’s usually jumbled up with more screenshots of jargon, added to a robotic voiceover – you must know the type of video I mean!

Well, we understand how you feel! So our team got together and decided to ‘splain it in low-tech everyday stuff, so that even YOU can explain it to your Mom, Dad, dog, and client.

Check out our video below:

This is the catch, it was just us folks in the office, trying to explain it without going near the technology we take for granted around us. Um, do you think I set up an uncool [unfair] challenge or not?

Here’s what Anie had to say:

I guess I’d like to say what a fun process it was and how it was a different kind of teamwork that we’ve never experienced before, and we get to share this with our customers in order to have a more fun and shared perspective of web hosting from our customer’s point of view.

Which is pretty much what I was hoping for.

Anie: From beginning to end it was fun: drawing, cutting, taping, setting up and rehearsing!

Jason: I’m looking forward to using it to explain web hosting, VPS, and what I do to my friends, colleagues and affiliates. It was always a sticking point if you try to go there.

Alex: I enjoyed recording the sound with everyday office noises – even more so that I managed to get one of my own songs into the background party bit!

And the point I was making? Well, wouldn’t it be cool if as a new start-up or web-business, you could put together a simple video like this to explain your business? I’ve proven that we don’t have to have fantastic performance skills to produce something that could be meaningful to our audience. I hope you share the video as inspiration for your own office/business videos!

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12 thoughts on “Let’s Explain Web Hosting – Behind the Scenes [Video]

  1. I give you an ‘A’ for effort! Maybe someday virtualdreamer can rate a dedicated server but, for now, my townhome is working out just fine on inmotion.

  2. Cute video! Just like Nature Boy and for the moment, I too am happy with my townhome at Inmotion. I left one of your big competitors (you know… the one that uses the pretty models) and I haven’t looked back.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. HeeHee Glad you liked it! Feel free to embed it on your site if it helps explain anything to your clients Todd, we’ve noticed RSS feeds from sites that do embed it get a direct link from the Youtube Video.

  3. Your web hosting video was easy to understand and clarified a couple of misconceptions I had. Unfortulanately, the volumken was so low that I had to find a pair of amplified speakers to hear it on a PC that has never before required them.

  4. That was great Juliana and team ! Not only do I understand webhosting better, I also feel more comfortable and trusting towards InMotion. It’s good to see that things are alive !

  5. Thanks!!! What a wonderful analogy!!! You guys must have had great fun putting this together!

    I sure hope you have posted this video on your SALES PAGE!!!

    It would have helped me immensely when I was first moving over to your services and trying to figure out which option to choose.

    Love you guys!
    Your service is GREAT!!!

    Keep on keepin’ on!

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