Is a Blog Necessary For Digital Marketing?

Is a blog necessary for digital marketing?

Do you need a blog to take advantage of digital marketing trends and best practices? Maybe, maybe not, but how can you know for sure? Creating a blog component on your website can greatly increase your overall web presence, and attract valuable, qualified leads. But, if used improperly, it can detract from your other marketing efforts.

Do You Need a Blog?

For many businesses, a blog is a critical component in the overall digital marketing machinery. It can serve as the central hub for regularly engaging with customers, syndicating email marketing, or dispensing helpful tips and information. But, is it necessary for your digital marketing efforts? In general, you might get along just fine without the added responsibility of a blog, but in this article, we’ll take a look at some of things you might miss by not creating a blog for your business.

Your Expertise, Shared Regularly

Blogs provide a great opportunity to regularly remind your customers that you are a leader in your field. On your blog you can publish:

  • Your position on industry news and developments
  • Case studies
  • Help articles and support material

And the list goes on. Your blog is not only a place to put extraneous details but an opportunity to keep the conversation going with your customers after (or before) that all-important sale.

Email Marketing From a Blog

One of the great opportunities you get from a blog is email marketing. Many popular email marketing platforms allow you to engage with your mailing list through their internal interface, where you can compose an email message and then send it out and measure its success. But what if you could get the benefits of email marketing, and the additional benefits of blogging rolled into one?

Most blogs come with an RSS feed, which can be used to syndicate your email marketing. You can program your email marketing platform to send out a new email whenever you publish a blog post. Or, you could provide a digest email that displays your recent blog posts from a certain interval of time, like weekly or monthly. You can choose whichever syndication model works best for your readers, but in general, having a blog can greatly increase your engagement with your readers and customers when synchronized with an email marketing platform.

Linking Opportunities

You probably already know how important backlinks are to your overall search engine profile. Basically, if a lot of domains around the web link to your website, it’s a strong indicator to search engines that you are a worth website, and they will refer you higher in the search results pages.

Backlinks are incredibly valuable to your business, that’s why they are difficult to achieve and highly competitive. By creating a blog component on your website, you are committing yourself to creating many high quality pages — in the form of blog posts. These create virtually unlimited opportunities to attract backlinks. It’s no guarantee that those pages will be linked to, but it can help increase your odds by having more pages out there circling the web.

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