Common Dedicated Server Pain Points

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When researching your dedicated hosting solution, it is important to keep in mind a few common dedicated server pain points. These pain points represent potential obstacles to getting your web hosting operation online and functional. A few examples of these obstacles include privacy concerns, customizability, cost, speed, and service migration. In this article we will discuss each of these topics in greater detail and help you avoid common dedicated server pain points as you begin your dedicated hosting journey. 

Topics Include:

Dedicated Server Privacy 

Hosting Provider Transparency

One of the most important considerations for any dedicated server is privacy. When storing your sensitive data online, it is important to know that you can trust your hosting provider to protect your data from prying eyes. Look for hosting features such as two-factor authentication, robust firewalls, and regular security updates to make sure your server is private and secure. 

In addition to securing your data from hackers and malware, you also want to make sure that your hosting provider is transparent with how your data is stored and deleted. This information can generally be found in the Terms of Service within your hosting agreement. When reviewing the Terms of Service, pay attention to details such as how long your data is retained after cancellation of your hosting services, what type of backup services are offered, and whether or not they comply with industry security standards.

Meeting Privacy Standards  

Users looking to process credit card transactions or medical information through their dedicated server will need to ensure that the server itself is compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) or Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards. These standards typically involve custom configuration of server security protocols to limit exposure to potential security risks. Before committing to a hosting plan, you may want to make sure your provider can meet these standards.   

Performance Throttling

What is Throttling?

In addition to privacy concerns, another potential dedicated server pain point is the concept of throttling. Throttling involves the deliberate slowing of online services in response to increased system demand. For example, an internet service provider may throttle the services of a particular user or group of users if they are exceeding a certain usage threshold or if there is too much overall strain on the network. The end result is slow internet speed, which means slow-loading websites, frequently buffering videos and other connectivity-related issues. Understandably, throttling can be a frustrating experience for everyone involved.  

Avoiding Throttling: Know Your Limits

To ensure that your online service never degrades due to unexpected throttling by your web host, review the Terms of Service for any hosting provider you are considering. The Terms of Service generally outlines the limitations that exist for your dedicated hosting plan, particularly when it comes to bandwidth. Bandwidth is the maximum rate of data transfer via a given network pathway, which means the higher the bandwidth, the more internet traffic your server can handle without experiencing service degradation. Having state-of-the-art dedicated server hardware means nothing if you don’t have the bandwidth to match. As such, it is vital to pay attention to bandwidth capacity when signing up for a dedicated hosting plan.  

Data Migration

Moving to Your New Host

Another common dedicated server pain point is the matter of migrating data from previous hosting solutions to your new dedicated server. Many hosting providers charge expensive fees, even for relatively simple data migration efforts. In addition, data migration can take some time depending on the amount of data being transferred as well as what type of data is being transferred. For example, a cPanel account can be transferred in relatively short order while a complex non-cPanel site can take days or longer to completely transfer.  This means moving to a new dedicated server may result in unexpected additional costs and delays. 

Another dedicated server pain point to consider is the fact that some hosting providers make it difficult to access your website data, increasing the amount of time involved in the migration process or preventing some aspects of the site from being transferred. While data migration teams often make a best-effort attempt to migrate site data, security features and software compatibility issues may prevent a complete 1:1 migration of all site data. 

Free Migration Services

To avoid this, look for hosting providers that provide free or low-cost data migration services. These services typically include transferring website data such as web pages and images as well as any corresponding databases that may be attached to your sites. In some cases, email accounts can be transferred in their entirety, meaning your website and email can be transferred and ready to go with little-to-no effort on your part. The scope of migration services varies from provider to provider, so be sure to review the specifics of any data migration service you wish to use. 

Prohibitive Costs of Dedicated Hosting

Another common dedicated server pain point is the fact that dedicated servers are generally more expensive than virtual private servers or shared servers. This can be prohibitively costly for some users, while others may be unable to justify the expense of purchasing a dedicated server. Unexpected fees and additional costs can quickly sour even the most positive of new user experiences. 

To avoid wasting valuable financial resources on lackluster dedicated hosting, thoroughly review the specifications and configuration of any dedicated servers you purchase to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Look for current generation hardware, industry-standard transfer rates, and other common metrics for hardware and software performance. By familiarizing yourself with modern data center infrastructure and web hosting technologies you can ensure that your money is not going to waste with your dedicated hosting plan.  

Avoiding Dedicated Server Pain Points

Through proper research, it is possible to find a web host that can help you avoid these common dedicated server pain points that many users experience when signing up for a dedicated hosting plan. Moving to a new server or signing up for web hosting for the first time can be stressful and overwhelming at times, but with the right hosting company and adequate preparation, you can get started with a dedicated server painlessly and begin your web hosting journey.

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