VPS or Cloud Server – Selecting the Right One

VPS or Cloud Server - Selecting the Right One

You’ve probably heard a lot about cloud computing and VPSs (Virtual Private Servers) while shopping around for a web host. If you’re a little confused about differences, pros, and cons of these platforms then you’re in the right place. We’re going to try to demystify these concepts and explain how they can affect your wallet.

What Are You Buying?

At the end of the day we’re still talking about a server: a computer a with physical hardware and software that you can use to host your web application. But the key differences between a traditional hosting model and a cloud hosting platform are more conceptual. This is why the differences can be confusing. A “cloud server” can be a VPS, but a VPS may or may not have “cloud features.” Are you confused? Let’s try to clear this up.

Cloud Features and Traditional Hosting

The most important differences between cloud features and traditional hosting comes down to resource management. Cloud features allow you to distribute your resources across a wider network of servers instantly. In traditional hosting, you are limited to the infrastructure you currently have in place.

Both models have their benefits and disadvantages. Again, it comes down to how you want to manage your web resources. In a cloud platform you can potentially save some money by only paying for the resources you need in the moment. But, a usage spike might mean you’ll pay more this month than last month. In the traditional hosting model, your costs are locked in. The latter can be more convenient for a fixed budget.

Both Models Are Scalable

Neither the traditional hosting or cloud model are better or worse in the long run. The deciding factor comes down to resource management and budget needs. If you have a conventional WordPress website, the traditional hosting model gives you everything you’ll need and can be scaled up as your site grows. But, if you have a more complicated application that demands a more strategic management scheme, you may be interested in distributing your resources across the cloud.

Finding the Right Balance of Power and Cost

If you’re still not sure which option will best meet your needs, be sure to contact our expert Sales team. What are your requirements? What kind of web application are you building? We can help you get a hosting package that fits your budget and gives you all the technology you’ll need.

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