Tips on Finding the Right Hosting Provider

Tips on Finding the Right Hosting Provider

Choosing the right hosting provider can seem like a daunting task. Not only do you have to worry about the price, but you have to worry about security, cost, support, and so on.

Tips on Finding a Provider

Fortunately, we’ve come up with some tips to help you find the best provider for you.

  1. Storage and Memory. This should be your first step to finding a host. Having the correct amount of storage, and even a little extra, will ensure your website won’t struggle from any increase in visits or use. Always err on the side of caution, and spring for the larger plan if you aren’t sure. This will also help with future expansion and upgrading of your site.
  2. Type of hosting. There are 3 main types of hosting: dedicated, shared, and cloud. If your website has an enormous amount of data, and it is confidential, a dedicated server may be your best bet. With a dedicated server, only your data is utilizing the storage on that server. On the other hand, if your website does not use as much data or is smaller in scale, a shared or cloud plan might be your best bet.  A shared hosting plan allows for multiple sites to use one server, and your storage is partitioned out to you. The cloud option is a popular one, and maybe more so than the other two. With the cloud, you are accessing multiple servers, and your data can move freely between them. What this does is ensure that your site will not see lag or any slow-down, if another site is using a lot of data on one server. It simply moves onto the next cloud server to use the storage there.
  3. Cost. This is a situation where opting for the higher priced version may be the best bet. Some things in life deserve to be splurged on when it comes to cost: cars, shoes, haircut, any form of security, and of course, hosting. Of course, we want you to stay within your budget, and there are ways to find out if a lower cost option is worth it.
  4. Reviews. Almost every business and service is subject to user reviews these days. Yelp, Google Review, TripAdvisor, are all commonly used to help people decide if businesses are worth the money. A hosting provider should be no different. Even if you are opting for the higher cost hosting plan, you still need to make sure that the company you are giving money to is legit. Research the company, research the plan, and when you do that, research some more. It doesn’t hurt and can be done on your phone during a Netflix binge.
  5. Customer Service. Often overlooked, especially in this scenario, customer service is a huge part of your experience. Do they have online support, what are their hours, can you call them? These are all important and necessary customer service features to consider.

The Importance of Your Hosting Provider

Once you have checked off all the boxes and have your hosting provider picked out, you will hopefully feel confident and happy with your decision. We offer some of the best hosting on the Internet – so make sure to check us out for all the details. Not only can we provide help for the big companies of the world, but we also have plans for the little ones, too. Our rates start as low as $3.99/month, so we have your wallet in mind. Your website is a point of pride, treat it as such.

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