Meet one of our Customer Success Supervisors

Meet one of our Customer Success Supervisors

Dan recently joined our team as a customer success supervisor and we’re super thankful for all he does to make sure all teams and shifts run smoothly. Learn a bit more about Dan in the interview below:

How did you join the InMotion Hosting team?

Dan: I was happy in my old job, I had a good team and good management. But I wanted to live closer to friends and family. So I started keeping an eye out for a job in the Denver area. But I wasn’t going to take just any job, I wanted to find a place to work where I could be happy, where I would do interesting work with interesting people, a team where people had common interests and a sense of community. It took me about a year to find InMotion, and when I did, I thought this was the place I belonged, so I applied. I guess they agreed!

What does it take to make the customer happy?

Dan: So often, all that it takes to make a person happy is to just listen. Even if you know the answer to their problem in the first thirty seconds, but they want to go on a ten minute rant. That ten minute rant is what makes them happy, not the thirty second answer. People want to feel like their experiences are valid and important. The way you make them feel that is just as simple as listening to their story.

What’s one tool that you think is most helpful for our customers?

Dan: The “Contact Us” section of the website. It’s the most reliable way to make sure any problem gets the right resolution the first time.

What’s your favorite thing about InMotion Hosting?

Dan: The people. I feel more connection and community with the people here than I did in years at my previous work. Everybody here’s smart and clever and knows interesting things about interesting topics. I look forward to coming in every day just so I can talk to everybody.

Want to join Dan and be a part of an awesome team? Check out our employment page to see all of the latest job openings!

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