Is WordPress Hosting Affordable?

Is WordPress Hosting Affordable

Though a WordPress hosting plan can be affordable, there are several other aspects to consider when choosing one. Not all plans are created equal, and the same goes for the companies offering them.

In order to determine if a plan is not only affordable but worth the cost, we need to examine a few of the add-ons that can come with this type of plan.

WordPress is the world’s biggest content management system and has more websites built on its platform than any other drag-and-drop or simple web builder site.

So when choosing a WordPress hosting plan, you want to make sure that you get as much as you can. As we stated before, not all hosting plans are created equal, so let’s look at some reasons why:

WordPress Hosting + Web Builders

Building your own website is becoming more popular with more drag-and-drop sites becoming available almost daily, it seems.

What many people don’t know is that you can still have a drag-and-drop experience with WordPress. For example, our Website Creator, which comes with each of our WordPress plans, utilizes BoldGrid.

BoldGrid is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to select blocks to add to your site. You can customize the color, look, function, layout, and other important features.

Amazingly, you don’t even need to know how to code. However, not all website builders are equal, so make sure to do your research before committing your time and money.


Every hosting plan has bandwidth, but how much is the key difference. Bandwidth allows data to be transferred between your site and customers, and the Internet in general.

Where some companies offer limits on some plans, in turn limiting the number of visitors you can have, the best ones offer unlimited bandwidth. This isn’t saying your site can handle all the traffic it gets, but it will have an easier time with a large surge of traffic.


Having an email that includes the domain of your website looks and feels professional. Being able to have multiple emails for your workers or partners is even better.

Most plans should offer an email address of some sort, and since they are hosting your site, they should host your email as well. Top-tier plans will offer lots of emails.

They know that you need more than just one email. For most businesses, not all questions, complaints, and other inquiries should go to one email address; it’s important for a host to offer several email accounts so that work can be divided.

Site Transfers

Let’s say that you already have a website, but you want to transfer your hosting plan to one that fits your needs better. There are two immediate concerns: how much will it cost, and how long will it take.

If a hosting company is confident in its product and service, they should not charge for a website transfer.

After all, they want your continued business, not just whatever they can squeeze out of you right away.

All of InMotion Hosting’s WordPress plans offer our Free No-Downtime Website transfer (when transferring three or fewer websites and/or databases, only $10 for each additional website/database). This ensures that your site will not suffer from transferring over to us, and neither will your wallet.  

Perhaps you’ve noted what we think a great WordPress Hosting plan ought to be. We want to offer the most we can to best help you, as any good host should.

Of course, we have higher tiered plans that are suitable for larger businesses and organizations, but as you grow so do costs and needs. That doesn’t change our thought process or strategy when it comes to helping people or businesses and their websites, it just allows us to offer more. So is a WordPress based hosting plan affordable? Ours is, and it comes with a lot of perks.

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