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Why You Should Migrate WordPress Sites to InMotion Hosting

Move your WordPress sites to a hosting platform that increases your productivity and excels at performance. Build, launch, and optimize WordPress sites from a central dashboard.

Platform i is a complete solution for WordPress hosting, site management, and collaboration. Featuring high-performance servers, automated backups, professional email, DNS management, and playground environments.

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Fully Isolated Server

Get the best security and performance for your site with a private server and dedicated resources.

Update Sites Faster

Add, remove, and update themes and plugins without logging into the WordPress dashboard.

Enhanced Workflows

Automate website backups, build new sites from Snaps, and collaborate with team members.

Simple Automated WordPress Website Migration

Our site-to-site migration process does the hard work for you. First, we establish a connection to your current site. Then we copy your WordPress site’s files, plugins, themes and database to your new server. It’s that easy!

Worry-Free WordPress Migrations

  • Plugin & Manual Migration Options
  • Automatic wp-config.php Updates
  • Keeps URL Structure & Links Intact
  • No Need to Use FTP Client
  • Test Site Before You Launch
  • Automated SSL Provisioning

How to Migrate Your WordPress Site

Choose Migration

On your new VPS, start the migration process by selecting “Migrate Automatically”.

Enter Credentials

Enter your domain and WordPress username and password to start the migration.

Check Your Site

View your migrated site. Check the functionality and make any needed updates.

Point Your Domain

Use the Site URL to update your domain, or point your domain’s nameservers to InMotion Hosting.

Move your WordPress site to the Next Generation of WordPress Hosting.

WordPress Migration FAQs

How do I migrate my WordPress website to InMotion Hosting?

Migrating a WordPress website is simple. The first time you navigate to your VPS, you’ll be presented with three options: Migrate Automatically, Migrate Manually, or Start from Scratch. Select “Migrate Automatically”, then enter your WordPress username and password to begin the automated migration process. You can also migrate your site at a later time using Total Upkeep or your preferred backup plugin.

Once the migration process has begun, the tool will automatically create a copy of your WordPress site to your new VPS hosting environment. From here, you can review the site and make any needed changes. Once you are satisfied, point your domain to InMotion Hosting’s nameservers. Once propagated, use the “Update Site URL” to automatically apply your domain and SSL certificate to your WordPress site.

Can I get help migrating my WordPress website?

Site migrations are free using the migration tool on our new WordPress Hosting plans.

  • Most sites can easily be migrated. However, if you have a complex, large-scale site, our automated tool may not be able to complete the migration.
  • Security plugins like iThemes Security may prevent us from connecting to your external site. You can temporarily deactivate the security plugin to complete the site migration.
  • If you are still in need of assistance, read our Ultimate Guide to Migrating WordPress Websites. And you can always migrate your site using a backup file created with the Total Upkeep plugin.

Will you transfer my email?

If your email is hosted on the same server as your WordPress website, you will need to migrate your email separately from your WordPress site. We support migrations for existing cPanel-based email accounts, but cannot transfer emails using Microsoft 365.

Webmail-based email accounts can be purchased à la carte from InMotion to meet your business needs. This email is hosted on a separate server from your WordPress hosting, making it secure.

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WordPress Migrations Made Easy

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