Grow Your WordPress Website Through Artificial Intelligence

Grow Your WordPress Website Through Artificial Intelligence

Once you launch your WordPress website, there is still work to do to keep it updated and running smoothly. Sometimes all the work can feel a bit overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice to hand over some of the basic tasks to someone else so you can focus on the main effort of creating content? You could always hire a designer or developer, but what if there was a way to have someone just do it without paying them? It almosts sounds too good to be true.

Believe it or not, this is possible through artificial intelligence. Today, we’re going to go over some WordPress plugins which can help you accomplish tasks without you having to do a thing.

Automatic Alternative Text

The ‘Alt Text’ field in most images uploaded is left blank. This is a negative to SEO as Google Image Search can use the keywords in the Alt Text field to rank your website results depending upon those words. The Automatic Alternative Text plugin uses computer vision to generate a complete sentence for each photo’s ‘Alt Text’ field, saving you time and bringing additional benefit to your website’s SEO. Below is an example of how Automatic Alternative Text wrote the ‘Alt Text” for an image that I uploaded.

What I love about this feature is that it doesn’t just say “people”, but rather gives a full sentence, “A group of people sitting at a desk in front of a computer.”


Do you know how your audience responds to your writing? Sometimes when you’re the one writing, you become unaware how your audience may perceive your content. The Watsonfinds plugin scans over all of your content and determines whether your content brings:






I decided to give Watsonfinds a try on this post and see what it thinks. Watsonfinds believes that this post will bring joy! How exciting!

MyCurator Content Creation

Sometimes there isn’t time in the day to write a new blog post, or maybe you’re hitting writers block. The MyCurator Content Creation plugin can save you that time by finding third-party content that fits your topics and audience and suggests it to be shared. As the plugin gives you content, you can vote whether the content is what you want or not. This is training the plugin on the specific type of content that you’re looking for.


Did you know that you can run a podcast without having to think about audio production? The SpeechKit WordPress plugin takes your blog posts and converts them to audio that can be used for a podcast. This allows you to reach an even greater audience as you can now build subscribers through a podcast channel.

Related Posts for WordPress

Building internal links between your content is a wise SEO move for generating more traffic and credibility online. The Related Posts for WordPress plugin takes over the work of searching for the perfect article. After analyzing all of the content on your blog, it will automatically suggest to your visitors posts that it thinks that particular visitor would be interested in. This plugin alone brings the ability to save you time and help drive more traffic to your website.

My Chatbot

Allow visitors to come to your website and start a chat with a bot that acts like you. Your visitors can ask questions and the chatbot will respond with the accurate information. Not only does this allow your visitors to get the information that they need instantly, but also can save you time as it can respond to several customers at once. The My Chatbot plugin also can respond in different languages.

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