Create Your Own Website Today!

Today, it’s easier than ever to learn how to create a website. Whether you want to have a fun space to play around with online or you’re serious about creating an online business, the truth is that you don’t need coding experience to build a website.

If you have a basic understanding of computers and how to use the software, then you can make pages that look just as stylish as those designed by the pros.

Here’s a run-down of just what you need to make your own webpage.

Choose a Platform

The first thing that you will need to do is choose a Content Management System (CMS). This is the software platform that you will use to actually create the page. The most popular CMS currently on the market is WordPress. This has really taken off because it is so easy to use and the basic platform is free. (You can upgrade to premium levels for more advanced plugins and templates.)

In the past, you would have had to code your website using complex computer languages. Now, you can use drag-and-drop templates that let you quickly create a website.

Design Your Site

Building a website using WordPress can take as little as ten minutes. However, you’ll want to be deliberate in order to make sure that everything on it flows and is user-friendly. If a website is clunky and hard to follow, then a reader is liable to give up and go somewhere else. (Remember, you are literally competing with millions of other sites for your readers’ attention.)

As you create the site, you should also test it out to make sure that everything is running smoothly, with no dead links or plugins that slow down the site because they aren’t compatible with each other.

Find a Host

Next, you’re going to want to find a web hosting service to get your website out onto the Internet. Be sure to shop around for the best offer as many sites will claim to give you free hosting. (But be careful: with these, you get what you pay for!)

Find a service that can handle your expectations. If you’re expecting a great deal of traffic for an eCommerce site, then you are going to need a server that can handle that level of traffic and security. You can also talk with your hosting service about registering your domain name (the web address that your site will use) and possibly getting an SSL certificate (an extra level of secure encryption for transmitting sensitive customer data).

Also, make sure that your server is fast enough for your site, as a slow loading site will quickly lose visitors.

Create a Website

One thing that you need to remember is that content drives traffic. If you are not regularly producing unique and interesting content such as blogs and articles, then you are not going to have many people visiting your site. The more often you update your website, the higher you will rank on Google’s search engine algorithm for your niche.

One of the more popular bundles that will make it even easier to create a website is BoldGrid. This integrates with your WordPress platform and gives you a vast array of options including professionally designed pages. Regardless of what platform or system you use, however, there is no excuse to put off working on that website you’ve always dreamed of.

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