Cloud Gaming and Dedicated Servers

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One of the growing trends in modern gaming is the concept of cloud gaming. Cloud gaming involves the use of cloud (remote) servers to stream games directly onto a user’s device. In this article we will discuss the concept of cloud gaming and discuss the role of dedicated servers in this emerging industry. 

What is Cloud Gaming? 

As mentioned previously, cloud gaming involves the use of cloud servers to provide high-fidelity data streams for use in gaming. In practice, cloud gaming services allow users to play the latest video games without needing specialized hardware to do so. Traditionally, video games have been played on personal computers or home consoles. These physical devices are often expensive or overly complicated, which is where the cloud comes in. 

In theory, a cloud gaming service would allow a user to connect to a remote server via their computer or mobile device and play any supported game using the remote hardware. By handling all of the computational and graphics rendering tasks remotely, the user does not need to have a powerful device in order to play the latest games, only a reliable internet connection. Through cloud gaming, the cost and setup commonly associated with video games can be avoided, making gaming more accessible to everyone.

Role of Dedicated Servers in Cloud Gaming

Since cloud gaming involves the use of powerful server hardware to handle high-fidelity data streams, it is no surprise that dedicated servers play an important role. While individual cloud gaming services differ in how they design their data center infrastructure, dedicated servers usually form the backbone of any large-scale digital service. 

Through the use of powerful dedicated server hardware, cloud gaming services can function as a reliable, inexpensive, and easily accessible way for people to enjoy their favorite video games.

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