5 Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins

5 Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins

A WordPress real estate plugin is an excellent tool for helping realtors get the most out of their real estate websites. 

Whether you want to produce beautiful property listings, create a marketplace for other realtors and agencies to share their properties, make interactive images for listings, or give virtual property tours, there is likely a WordPress real estate plugin that can help you accomplish your goals. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top WordPress real estate plugins available on the plugin marketplace, tell you what makes each one stand out, and give you the tools you need to take your real estate website to the next level.

There are a plethora of options on the plugin marketplace when you search for a real estate plugin, but some are out of date and haven’t been updated to run with the latest versions of WordPress. Others might have plenty of active installations, but have sub-par reviews and a mediocre rating.

Since we only want to recommend helpful and reliable plugins, each WordPress real estate plugin highlighted in this article has been tested with WordPress 5.8 and has at least a 4.5-star rating on the plugin marketplace. 

In no particular order, here are our favorite WordPress real estate plugins available:

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Essential Real Estate

Essential Real Estate is a free plugin perfect for WordPress users who want to create a marketplace for other realtors and agencies to share their properties and listings. 

While the plugin does give users the ability to add listings, it is more designed for front-end submissions from others. 

Essential Real Estate makes it easy to monetize your real estate marketplace through subscriptions. 

Essential Real Estate allows you to monetize your listings.

In order to submit listings to your marketplace, other realtors must first pay for a subscription. Once they have submitted their listings, you are able to review and approve them before they go live. 

Listings are easy to navigate once posted, and visitors to your marketplace can save their favorite listings to wishlists connected to their profiles. 

Subscriptions can be offered and sold to individual realtors as well as agencies. 

The plugin includes a payment processing feature and worlds with PayPal, Stripe, and other wire transfers. 

WP Real Estate

WPL Real Estate is a flexible plugin perfect for real estate agents and agencies. 

It allows you to make hyper-detailed listings that include information about different properties such as square footage, pricing, and other primary features. You can even fully customize the fields that are shown with each listing.

WP Real Estate gives you the flexibility of adding multiple types of media to your listings, as well as letting you add meta descriptions for SEO.

Listings have the option to upload photos of the property to create image galleries, videos, and other media attachments. 

The plugin is perfect for individual realtors and agencies and comes with a user management system that allows you to control what permissions each agent has on your website. 

WP Real Estate also gives WordPress websites a leg up in the SEO arena by allowing you to add meta descriptions and keywords to all your listings. 

The plugin is free to download and use but does have a long list of paid extensions available for a one-time payment of $199. 


Planning and scheduling property tours can often be time-consuming, especially when listings draw a lot of attention. 

Offering virtual tours is a great way to set yourself apart from other realtors and agencies.

Even before COVID-19 limited what realtors were able to do in person, virtual real estate tours were becoming more and more popular. Since the start of the pandemic, that popularity has only increased. 

With WP VR, you can upload panoramic images directly to WordPress which allows users to rotate and zoom in and out to get a complete view of a property or room. 

With WP VR, you can upload panoramic images directly to WordPress which allows users to rotate and zoom in and out to get a complete view of a property or room. 

The free plugin also has support for video and comes with a gyroscope mode for smartphones, which can be used to create virtually engaging tours. 

Like Google Earth, WP VR also has the ability to connect multiple images using a hotspot feature that allows you to craft seamless virtual tours of our larger spaces by enabling users to click on specific spots inside an image to go to the next one. 

Another cool feature is that once you have created your virtual tours, you can add them to your website with a simple block or shortcode. 

Offering virtual tours is a great way to set yourself apart from other realtors and agencies, and doing so is easy with WP VR. 

Draw Attention

Draw Attention is another WordPress real estate plugin that gives you the ability to make images interactive and provide your visitors a virtual tour of properties where they can explore floor plans and photos.

This plugin enables you to create annotated images and floor plans for property listings, then add them anywhere on your WordPress website with a simple shortcode. 

Draw Attention allows users to create display information over their images.

You can create images that display additional information when users hover over a specific section of them, provide clients with interactive maps, and design informative infographics. 

Draw Attention is a free plugin, with a premium version also available starting at $74. 


Estatik is a plugin that enables users to create an easy-to-use WordPress website for both agencies and individual realtors. 

It allows you to build custom forms with an unlimited number of fields such as text, number, area, attachments, contact fields, and more. 

Estatik photo from WordPress Repository displaying a list version of real estate listings.

With Estatik, users can create a profile that remembers their searches and lets them save their favorite listings in wishlists. They can also sort results based on price, date, and popularity, as well as share their favorites on social media.

Categories and property labels are fully customizable, and listings can be added however you like with more than 50 shortcodes available. 

You can also add photo galleries and add widgets for slideshows and requests for information. 

The plugin is free and even comes with a free template to get you started. 

Real estate is a competitive business that moves fast, so it’s worth taking the time to make your website stand out. 

Whether you are an individual realtor, a real estate agency, or a realtor working as part of a bigger team, these WordPress real estate plugins can help set your site apart from the competition.

Give your website a boost by installing them today.

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