Claim Your Domain to Unlock The Full Web

Claim Your Domain to Unlock The Full Web

As we’ve said before on this blog, you don’t want to be using the Internet with training wheels.

When the Internet became more openly available in the 90s, it was seen as more of a fad.

It took many years and the success of a few tech titans to change peoples’ opinions about how the web could work for them.

But a whole slew of Internet services have popped up to make getting your own content on the web more simple. Social media services like Facebook and Twitter are great for businesses as a form of advertising, but for individual users they give only a small taste of the web while keeping their users locked in a walled garden.

The best way to experience the full power of the web for yourself is good old-fashioned domain name registration coupled with a hosting plan.

Host Your Own Blog

One of the most popular forms of web interaction comes from blogging.

It doesn’t matter what you want to blog about, there’s a market out there for you.

You’re an individual, and you likely have a unique selling point that someone out there is looking for.

We have WordPress Hosting packages that can fit nicely into any budget. And, you get your domain name registration free with any plan.

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the web. It actually powers most of the websites you’ll visit on any given day.

Create a Forum

Another popular venue for Internet discussion is a forum, or bulletin board.

You’ve probably joined a few Facebook groups before. Forums work similarly, but instead of providing Facebook with more data and more control over your content, you can host your own forum.

It’s easy to install forum software like PhpBB any of our hosting plans. You could also add a forum to your WordPress site with the bbPress plugin.

Own Your Own Space

The greatest part about domain name registration is that you own your domain forever (as long as you set up auto-renewal at a yearly or five-year interval).

This is your way of carving your own niche in the greater web. You own your own space to do what you want.

Act Fast On Your Domain Name Registration

Domains don’t stick around forever. Often, the most popular domains are already spoken for.

So if you have a good idea, you need to act fast to get your domain registered.

Then, you can unlock the full web for yourself.

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