5 Free Ways to Learn Linux

The graphic user interface (GUI) makes computer tasks easier for those uncomfortable with the text-only terminal, or command line interface (CLI). It’s quicker and less prone to issues caused by typing mistakes. However, the CLI is more powerful (for those who can take full advantage of it) than the GUI which is a middle-man limited by buttons and specific character requirements.

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How to Use Emojis That Will Get You Seen

Emojis aren’t just for text messages anymore. 🙂

These days you’re likely going to see emoji icons popping up in email subject headings, blog posts, and even in printed media.

You like lobsters? Check out how the lobster emoji has risen in popularity over the past few years. You gotta love these little crustaceans.

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Best Practices for Social Media Marketing in the Upcoming Year

These days, having a strong social media presence is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. According to research, 40% of young adults follow their favorite brands via social media. One in four of those users follows a brand from which they might make a purchase. With numbers like that, you just can’t afford to miss out.
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Your Website Speed Matters This Holiday Season

The holiday rush is nearly upon us. Have you ensured that your site is up-to-speed and ready to face the biggest shopping season of the year? Speed and reliability are essential parts of a successful e-commerce site. As more and more people shop online, and do so from mobile devices all over the world, it’s imperative that you make your site as efficient as possible. Continue reading –>