What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a service which hosts websites built on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Having incredible performance and reliability, WordPress hosting takes care of all of the technical details, giving you time to focus on what really matters—your content. It’s also relatively easy to get started with WordPress hosting.

Why Use WordPress Hosting?

WordPress websites benefit from servers that are configured to provide improved performance and stability. The configuration of the server is dedicated to WordPress websites so that the overall speed and resource load is optimized with advanced caching to bring faster load times.
Each server is also monitored for the purposes of security and making sure that the server is kept up-to-date. WordPress updates are important in order to help keep your websites secure and functioning properly. WordPress hosting also keeps your work safe by providing backups of your website. You can then recover your WordPress site if a disaster occurs. Compare our WordPress hosting solutions and you will see the advantages that we offer over our competitors.

What Can’t You Do With WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting restricts installations to WordPress websites only because WordPress hosting is optimized specifically for the WordPress Content Management System.
WordPress hosting restricts the amount of disk space available to your website. It also restricts the number of websites which can be installed on your hosting account. These restrictions are in place in order to optimize the servers specifically for WordPress speed and performance.

WordPress hosting costs a bit more than shared hosting, but WordPress hosting users find the extra cost worth it. WordPress hosting is recommended if:

  • You want to build your website using WordPress.
  • You have a large WordPress website which is resource-intensive.
  • You want to focus on your WordPress content, not the technical details of updates.

We recommend WordPress Hosting as for users of WordPress because of the benefits of speed, performance, security, and stability. Whether you’re a novice WordPress user with just one site or an expert developer with many sites, we have a WordPress solution that will meet your needs.

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