Why Your Website Isn’t Getting Any Traffic

Why Your Website Isn’t Getting Any Traffic

Have you found that you’re not getting any traffic to your website? Building a website doesn’t mean that you will get visitors, and sometimes the visitors that come aren’t truly interested in your product or service. There are multiple reasons that could cause this issue and today we’ll share tips to drive traffic to your website.

Up The Content Quality

One key reason why you may not be receiving traffic to your website may be due to poor quality content. In the past, Google and other search engines couldn’t tell quality content, but most recently this has changed. Search engines can now tell the quality of your content. If the quality of your web content is poor, most search engines won’t rank your website high in the ranks. This prevents your website from being able to be found easily. If you are producing quality content, your website will move up the search rankings and you will find that your visitors find your website easier. Simply, check grammar, spelling, and ensure the topic focuses on your products and services.

Track the Stats

Many website owners have no idea where their visitors are coming from. It could be traffic coming from another website referral, a popular blog post, or a certain term that visitors are searching. Tracking your website statistics is important to know what your visitors are looking for and learning where they are coming from. You may find that your visitors really liked a blog post on a certain topic. This gives you the ability to write more on that topic and continue to grow your web traffic. Google Analytics, a free software used to track website statistics, is what we recommend using on your website.

Up Your Site Speed

Another common reason why you may not be getting traffic to your website is due to your website speed. When visitors click on your website, if it doesn’t load instantly, most visitors will look for another option. Increasing speed can help increase your traffic. There are many different aspects which can affect your website’s speed. Large images, caching, and your actual web host can cause slow loading times. If your website speed is struggling, we recommend that you reach out to our professional team of website experts. If your website is not hosted with InMotion Hosting and you’re struggling with slow speeds, we want to help. Contact our customer service team to learn more about our solutions and plans which bring intense speed and quality hosting for all of your website needs. Learn more today.

Check Mobile Friendly

It’s estimated that mobile devices will make up 27% of the 2018 US e-commerce retail sales. Each year, more and more visitors are using mobile devices to make purchases. Is your website friendly to mobile devices? If it isn’t, you’re missing out on tremendous opportunity. Mobile friendly websites allow visitors to easily find your products or services without having to spend time zooming in and out. Google and other search engines also rank websites higher in search results that have a mobile version. InMotion Hosting’s Web Design team can assist you with building a mobile friendly website to help you better grow your products and services. Get a mobile friendly website.

Grow Through Advertising

One way to grow your traffic and help bring more leads is to advertise on social media and Google. Normal Google searches can bring some traffic, but when you invest a little into growing your audience through Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, you’ll see your website traffic grow. It doesn’t have to cost a lost to advertise. Set a budget and stick to it and watch your website grow.

Completing all of these different areas can seem a bit overwhelming. It is a lot to take on. Instead of getting overwhelmed, take one area and work on it over a few days and then move on to the next. Little by little, you’ll see increased website traffic.

Sometimes a website redesign can help with bringing fresh new traffic. Have you heard about our web design services?

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