How to Start Selling Domains

How to Start Selling Domains

The Internet provides literally thousands of different ways to make money online. One that has become popular in recent years – reselling hosting services – can be a great, low-risk way to do just that. But, did you know that you can also make money just by selling domains? In fact, selling domains can be even easier to set-up than reselling hosting. So, how do you start making money on the Internet by selling domains?

Selling Domains Using eNom

First, you need a domain marketplace to resell domains. These marketplaces charge the reseller a small fee for the domain registration, then the reseller tacks on an additional price to create their own profit margin before selling the registration service to a customer. The fee the marketplace charges for a particular domain varies depending on the domain chosen. But, as the domain reseller, you have control over your profit margins. That means regardless of market demand, you can earn your set profit.

For its domain marketplace, InMotion Hosting uses eNom. eNom allows you to resell many classic Top-Level Domains (TLDs) such as “.com,” “.net,” “.org,” and “.blog.” In recent years, eNom has also added a number of new TLDs buyers have found very appealing, such as “.car,” “.blog,” “.today,” “.news,” and many others. Thanks to our partnership, eNom provides all of these TLDs at very reasonable pricing to InMotion Hosting’s customers.

Create a Storefront Site

The next thing you need to start reselling domains is a storefront website. Your storefront will serve as the platform to interact with your customers, establish your brand, and start selling. A good storefront site for a reseller will not only include your company name, your products, and your pricing. It will also include integration with your domain marketplace (like eNom), a shopping cart, a way to manage the back end of your customers’ control panels, and a client management resource for billing, account updates, and ticketing. Fortunately, InMotion Hosting makes all of this incredibly easy to do.

All InMotion Hosting Reseller Hosting packages include access to eNom, WHMCS (a client management platform), WHM (a tool for administrative access to the back end of cPanel), and access to a server on which you can build your storefront site. But, to really get your business started quickly and with minimal headaches, you cannot beat InMotion Hosting’s Reseller Advantage product. With Reseller Advantage, InMotion Hosting performs nearly all of the legwork involved in establishing your business for you. We provide you with a custom-built storefront website with eNom, WHMCS, a premium SSL, and WHM all pre-configured and ready to start selling.

Manage Your Clients and Sell Domains

Now that your business is running, you need to start managing your customers and selling them domains. WHMCS, a part of InMotion Hosting’s Reseller Hosting packages, provides an automated solution for client management. It takes care of things like billing, by automatically sending your customers invoices, collecting payments, calculating and deducting taxes, and more.

To make it even better, WHMCS integrates with eNom. That means your domain reselling storefront site can handle the work of check-outs, acquiring the appropriate domain for the customer, and billing them in the future, all without you having to lift a finger.

If that did not sound easy enough, with Reseller Advantage, you can also avoid the initial integration and configuration of your WHMCS and eNom accounts with your storefront site. InMotion Hosting does the work for you, providing you with a storefront site ready to start selling domains within a few business days.

Why Use InMotion Hosting’s Reseller Plans to Sell Domains?

As an industry leader in the web hosting business, InMotion Hosting’s Reseller Hosting services rank among the best. Every Reseller Hosting product provides you with everything you need to start a reseller hosting or domain reseller business. From the benefits of our relationship with domain registrar eNom, to included features like WHMCS, free SSD drives, WHM, and more, InMotion Hosting has everything you could want or need to get your domain reselling business off the ground.

But, as if that was not enough, InMotion Hosting also has Reseller Advantage. With this add-on service, InMotion Hosting handles the configuration of eNom, WHMCS, a domain spinner, and installation of a free, premium SSL Certificate on storefront site we custom build for you. We automate the selling process, integrate all of the components of your reseller business into your custom storefront website, and set you up to start selling domains in just a couple business days. Your custom website uses the powerful BoldGrid plugin for WordPress, so any changes you want to make in the future can be done in an easy drag-and-drop page editor with no coding experience required.

Ready to Start Reselling Domains?

With InMotion Hosting, getting into domain reselling can be easy! Are you ready to start making money online with low overhead and very little set-up required? Then learn more about InMotion Hosting’s Reseller Hosting services.

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