When Do I Need to Consider Dedicated Hosting?

When Do I Need to Consider Dedicated Hosting?

As one of the main types of hosting, many website owners wonder if they need dedicated hosting, or if they need to move to it.

Ensuring that your website has the correct hosting plan is extremely important. Knowing when or if you need to switch can be a difficult task. Luckily, we have put together this guide to help you in making that decision.

How big is your company?

Starting off with a common indicator is how big the size of your company is. Dedicated hosting is best used by medium to large sized companies. The reason for this is because there is more information being transferred and stored than with a small company.

If you are a solopreneur or have a smallish team, then dedicated hosting is not ideal for you. You can still choose to use a dedicated plan but it is most likely too much for what you need.

Remember that saying ‘you can’t have too much of a good thing’? Well, that’s not necessarily  true when it comes to hosting plans. With bigger plans you are paying more for space you may not even need or use.

How sensitive is the information on your website?

One of the biggest reasons to choose a dedicated plan is security. With shared plans your data is on the same server as many other websites, the same goes for cloud hosting as well.

Security for all hosting plans is of utmost concern, but there is more of a chance that something can go wrong than when on a dedicated server. If another website has an attack and you share the same server, there is a chance that that attack can reach your website and cause major problems.

Not only will the host then have to secure the breach on your site, but will have to do so on all other sites that were affected as well. This can take time, and with time comes further chance of your site being exposed to the breach as well.

While on a dedicated server, if there is any breach of security, it is only going to affect your site, and the host will be able to concentrate all efforts on your site. Doing so reduces time it takes to fix and in turn time it takes to get your site up and running again. This brings us to our next question.

Do you have the resources to manage a shared/cloud plan?

Dedicated plans offer something that the others don’t, management. The host will manage your server and will monitor it constantly to secure performance and ensure your site is performing at its best.

Another perk of your server being managed is that the host has specialized dedicated team of workers for your server. These are employees that only focus on dedicated servers and have more specialized training to handle the workload. That’s not to say that other plans have incompetent workers, it’s just they are not utilized to focus on one type of hosting plan.

Not only does having a managed server take stress off of your team or employees, it saves time and money. Being able to direct your team or employees to other aspects of your business, or website, allows you to stretch the dollar even further, and who doesn’t like that?

Is Dedicated Hosting Right For You?

At the end of the day it is up to you to decide whether a dedicated hosting plan is right for your site. If you fit the criteria above, then we highly suggest that you move to a dedicated plan.

As a hosting company we take our customers data very seriously and want them to choose the best plan. That is why we also offer top notch 24/7 support and a large database of DIY brochures and manuals.

Also, as of publication, we are offering discounts and double ram for our dedicated plans. Your companies security, time, and money are very important, entrust a company that shares those sentiments and has proven time and again to be the best.

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