The Apple Craze!

Bob and his new iPad

When working for a tech company, it’s pretty inevitable that you’ll run into a few tech gadget early adoptors. In our case, we have plenty of Apple enthusiasts that just “have to have” the latest releases of their products. If you’re an Apple enthusiast yourself or are simply aware of the latest Apple craze, then you know about the new iPad hype.

Bob and his new iPad

Well here at our office, our Director of Sales and Marketing, Bob, beat the rest of us to it.  He  purchased the new iPad during the online presale and received it on March 16th, the official retail release date. Guess it’s the better way to go to avoid standing in line with all the other Apple fanatics! However, it turned out that the line at the Manhattan Beach Apple store wasn’t too bad, according to another Apple enthusiast in the office who went out and bought the new Apple TV digital media receiver on his lunch break! Talk about Apple envy…he “had to have” a new Apple product as well!

Bob Happy With His New iPad

I myself just joined in on the Apple craze and got the iPhone 4S a couple of months ago. Needless to say, it’s my new addiction…

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